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Nanashi, a City of the Ugly, Beautiful, and Black-Hearted

Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone was ugly? If violence was erased from our minds, or became all we could think about?

Tags: Uglies Series, Romance, Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi

Lady Shimizu Public 966 10
Bleach: Forgotten Prophecies [ Under Construction ]

1,500 years after the Quincy Blood War...have we really forgotten about the Prophecy?

Tags: Bleach, Zanpakuto, Central 46, Manga, Anime

KogaP Private 65,248 16
The Kings Men

Tags: Superhero, marvel, kings men

Tabnormal Private 45 3
What is Justice?

Literate role play guild with a completely original story line rated "R" for real.

Tags: Super Hero, Anime, Roleplaying, Roleplay, Powers

Raijin Kibagami Public 1,136 32
The Criminal's Way

A guild for the more creative Role Players ;D

Tags: Criminals, Anime, Role Play, Island, Government Secrets

true love--rootbeer Public 215 2

Maim, Kill, Burn, Repeat.

Nagrom Hellion Private 154 11
Age of Zoo: The Zoo Dynasty

An world where the Age of Man is coming to an end, and the Age of Zoo shall rise in power

Tags: Fables, Animals, Futuristic, Action, Romance

Zemyx Unlimited Public 1,372 15
The Gerudo Thieves

The all female group of warriors, empowering women and making the world a safer place!

Tags: Gerudo Thieves, Girls, Feminism, Martial Arts, Gerudo

lancedragon220 Private 66 15
Under Construction {Will be Named Later}

Tags: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Future, Romance

Zemyx Unlimited Public 28 8

the new governmen t bow down

Tags: cats, kawaii, bows, pink, government

nuclearpiss Private 147 23
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