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We're a fun discussion guild, full of nice members, contests, and weirdos!

Tags: Friends, Role playing, contests, quest, debate

Triley Private 3,211,205 50,284
( guildy)╬[The Empire of Gaia]╬

█▓░ FREE GOLDS GIVING ░▓█ Win Million of Gold & Cash

Tags: Linkin Park,Twilight, Free Golds,Friends Girls boys,Love,Games, Avatars,Items,Shop,Market,Music,Sport, Poll,Bump,Guildy,Naruto, Zomg,Art,Writing,Arena

Andsonz Private 595,649 65,256
~The Gaian Wedding Chapel Incorporated~ [Reopening Soon!]

Celebrate or get Married on Gaia in style, while having fun, and at a low cost!

Tags: Wedding, Chapel, Party, Events, Planning

Lewd Fruitington Private 61,526 5,419
A Cup Of Kindness ~ Guild

A friends & family guild for our CB thread

Tags: Friends, Family, Games, Kindness, Contests

Plaid Pantys Public 1,770 28
Free Gold and Items!

Get free gold and items: We help your Gaian Needs since 2008.

Tags: Free Gold, Helping, Free Items, Dream Avatars, Chat, Hacked, Scammed

SquishyKiki Public 2,783 1,965
The Toxic Wolf Pack

wolf pack

Tags: Wolf, Pack

Twizted D Nova Public 3 11
CHAOS IN KOKORO heartlessfang Private 2,529 9
Pomyloona Gildia

Nasza Mała Pomyloona Gildia

Tags: Anime

Wala-88 Public 363 9
Cocoa Puffs

A Guild for all our cocoa puff family.

Savage Dolls Public 26 37
Elyon: Era of Blades - [ A Samurai RP ]

The world has been plunged into darkness: Samurai's have been trained to slay the horrors of the demons

Tags: Fantasy, Samurai, Demons, Roleplaying

I Angel Senpai I Private 6 5
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