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~ the Anachronism Guild ~

The guild for lovers of Steampunk, other Anachronisms and the Victorian Age — be you Dashing Adventurer or Airship Pirate, all are welcome!

Tags: Steampunk, Victorian, Science, Airship, Anachronism

CapnAlex Private 26,180 1,331
When The Worlds Collided


Tags: Semi Lit - Lit, SuperHeroes/ Villains., Role-playing, Magic

blackwhitetiger Public 7,710 10
Bleach :: Wrongful Atonement

We are a proud Bleach Guild for people with literacy skills. So, do you think you have what it takes to survive?

Tags: Literate, Arrancar, Bleach, Soul Reaper, Shinigami

Duke of Balls Public 1,684 26
Dances With Domos CrysaniaMajere Private 245,172 39
The Orochi lands Iori_Yagami1990 Public 375 30
The Axis Of Retribution

A casual roleplaying guild

Tags: Roleplay, army, creatures, scifi, fantasy

beastmastr19 Public 15,414 7
World of the Giantess

Rp Genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance etc,etc,etc! Roleplaying!!! Giantess

Tags: Giantess, Shrinking, Growing, Roleplay, Femdom

Queen Sarisa Public 8,695 134
Historical Hetalia

A place for roleplaying the history behind the nations!

Tags: Hetalia, anime, history, axis powers hetalia, roleplay

Chupacabra Dorada Private 1,759 1
Messed Up Mansion

Where all different creatures come and stay.

Tags: Messed, Mansion, Role Play, Creatures, Fantasy

A True Killjoy Public 589 15
Zilph, An Original Roleplay World

Zilph is an original world with it's own storyline that we hope will grow with each new member we get

Tags: roleplay, fantasy, angels, elves, epic

F A G T A S T I C Vivi Private 74 7
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