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Left behind: Rebuilding Hawaii

Which survival city will go up in power and politics. Rebuild!

Tags: Survival, Real Time Based, Zombie Apocolypse, Simulative, Realistic Content

Lieutenant Colonel Hans Public 53 6
Deliverance Ministry

The fight between good and evil pervails at Mellowcreek, a distubed town inspired by Silent Hill and the ghost town of Celestia PA.

Tags: silent hill, ghost town, survival horror, original characters only, literate RP

Mint Moustache Private 2,060 6

Comic book related of Marvel, which you can be a superhero, supervillian, just ordinary person, also a place to show case your marvel art!!!

Tags: Marvel, Comic, Superhero, Supervillian, roleplay

Laura X Kinney Public 13,264 27
EdEn.ExE ; [Ghosts In The Machine]

A GMed drama RP with heavy emphasis on character development and interaction.

Tags: Virtual World, Drama, Tragedy, Sci-Fi

chocobo_muffins Private 782 4
Ghost Adventures

a guild for people who love ghost adventures and other ghost hunting shows

Tags: ghost, adventures, hunting, discussion, travel channel

Iggy 1612 Public 100 69
Saving zOMG!

Show your support to Gaia's best feature, zOMG!

Tags: zOMG!, Save zOMG!, Friends, Roleplay, Giveaway

Osidiano Public 410 164
Pokemon: GX [Closed/Dead]

A new era of Pokemon Trainers has been brought in, starting their journey on a new region, the Adamas region.

Tags: Pokemon

Angel of Hollowness Private 1,332 20
Ghost Master: Return to Gravenville

Return to Gravenville, retake the town, and find the Ghost Master

Tags: Ghost Master, Gravenville, Ghosts, Spirits, Creepy

Kali Archon Public 16 2
Broken Memory

Inside the mind of a mysterious girl

Tags: Puzzel, Maze, Mind, Personalities, Comatose

TheDogGoesMeow Public 9 2
The Demon hunting crew

A roleplaying demon hunting society

Tags: supernatural, Ghost Rider, Devil May Cry, espers, Black Butler

Johann Schmidt Public 10 5
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