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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Yu Yu Hakusho When Parody takes over

What happens when Yu Yu Hakusho and Parody mix? Many Fun Stories

Tags: Parody, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei

Star Stealing Kidd Public 38,668 63
Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters

It has been many years since the Prof and most of the X-men died. Now their is a new class.

Tags: X-Men, Roleplay, School, Romance, Brotherhood

Ghost_Rios Public 2,171 25
MidNight Academy: for the Supernatural (under construction)

MidNight Academy where all types of Creatures of the dark and light are welcome

Tags: Academy, Paranormal, straight, anime, LGBT

Lady Tragic Public 4,364 8
I.C. Corporation

Roleplay; I.C. Corporation Unites most of those with passion for knowing.

Tags: Demons, Monsters, Humans, Mercenaries, Shadows, Ghosts, Informative, Knowledge

Mingan Nam Private 363 2
As It Should Be

An elite RP, discussion, culture exchange guild with a soft spot and comfy library for bibliophiles.

Tags: Culture, Literate, Discussion, Roleplaying, Books

Genrin619 Public 85 7
Blackpond Bed and Breakfast

Free range role play taking place in a very old Bed and Breakfast. Create your ghost and join in! Semi-literate recommended.

Tags: ghost, bed and breakfast, semi literate, blackpond, role play

Saygen40 Private 161 15
World of Starcraft

Death, love, and betrayal

Tags: Starcraft, Ghost, Terran, Protoss, Zerg

Tyvrael Private 468 5
The Sanctuary: A supernatural Role-play

This is a place for all the supernatural creatures.

Tags: Supernatural, life, Vampres, Romance

JamesHarrison885 Public 53 5
Into The Dreamscape

An all exclusive rich boarding school is harboring a dark secret. Just what happens when you die?

Tags: School, Death, Ghosts, Secretes, Rich

DemonLordAthea Public 440 11
HollowWolf Highschool. (RP)

Haunted highschool roleplay

Tags: Haunted, Ghosts, Roleplay, School, Horror

MarMar Is Kawaii Public 19 4
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