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Blackpond Bed and Breakfast

Free range role play taking place in a very old Bed and Breakfast. Create your ghost and join in! Semi-literate recommended.

Tags: ghost, bed and breakfast, semi literate, blackpond, role play

Saygen40 Private 161 15
World of Starcraft

Death, love, and betrayal

Tags: Starcraft, Ghost, Terran, Protoss, Zerg

Tyvrael Private 468 5
On a Cold and Stormy Night

No organic creatures, please and thank you.

Tags: Ghost dorms, This is Halloween, GOBLET OF FIAH, Ghosts, Dormitories

Face your demons Private 114 28
Yu Yu Hakusho When Parody takes over

What happens when Yu Yu Hakusho and Parody mix? Many Fun Stories

Tags: Parody, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei

Star Stealing Kidd Public 38,668 63
Saving zOMG!

Show your support to Gaia's best feature, zOMG!

Tags: zOMG!, Save zOMG!, Friends, Roleplay, Giveaway

Osidiano Public 409 156
MidNight Academy: for the Supernatural (under construction)

MidNight Academy where all types of Creatures of the dark and light are welcome

Tags: Academy, Paranormal, straight, anime, LGBT

Lady Tragic Public 4,364 8
I.C. Corporation

Roleplay; I.C. Corporation Unites most of those with passion for knowing.

Tags: Demons, Monsters, Humans, Mercenaries, Shadows, Ghosts, Informative, Knowledge

Mingan Nam Private 363 2
World of Darkness: Secrets of the Shadow

A Roleplay Guild set in the World of Darkness

Tags: World, Roleplay, Supernatural, White Wolf, Darkness

Wraith1993 Private 879 22
The Sanctuary: A supernatural Role-play

This is a place for all the supernatural creatures.

Tags: Supernatural, life, Vampres, Romance

JamesHarrison885 Public 53 5
HollowWolf Highschool. (RP)

Haunted highschool roleplay

Tags: Haunted, Ghosts, Roleplay, School, Horror

MarMar Is Kawaii Public 19 4
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