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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Kitty Illuminati

Gaia's Secret Underground Cat Society.

Tags: cats

Spunky Skunk Public 114 34
Nyx's Wolf Pack

A Pack of Wolves

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Siku, Lobo, Nochi

-l- Goddess Nyx -l- Private 148 11
Diaper Lovers Guild

A place for ABDL's and other littles to come talk to one another.

Tags: Diaper, Furry, AB/DL, TB/DL, Adult Baby

Baby Athena Private 1,946 189
new guild of condom fairy

not sure yet

Tags: random, awsomness, guild, furry, pokemon

Maxwell Daemonfey Public 48 6
~Club Howl~

*Members needed*

Tags: Werewolf, Furry, Role play, Pack, ~Club Howl~

Snow-x-Tenshi Public 6 4
Anthro Furry Roleplay Guild

This guild is where Anthro furs of all kinds can meet and roleplay together.

Tags: Anthro, Furries, Roleplaying

Grimm Wolfe the Reaper Public 6 2
Claw-Fang Alliance

The Claw-Fangs are made up of creatures with Natural weaponry ... Claws and Fangs. We hate anything Feline ... Cats ... Tigers ...

Tags: Furry, ClawFang, Alliance, Knight, RolePlay

Etna Midnight Private 2 1


Tags: Roleplay, Clans, Furries, Races, Romance

Erin Ishimura Private 3 4

Apocalyptic world of furs, with contests

Tags: Apocalyptic, furry, horror

zochi2 Public 3 1
The Furry Fandom


Tags: Furry Fandom, Furries, Roleplay

Matadair Private 5 3
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