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Results for "furry"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
CRF Emergency group

just incase the CRF shuts down unexpectadly

Tags: catgirl, neko, emergency, furry, RPing

habilon Public 152 5
Mimi & Ura Academy

A school for those who just don't fit in..

Tags: Furry, Neko, Animals, School, Romance

Alliecat298 Public 3,023 30
The Furry Den

Furry, animorph, Roleplay, Animals

Tags: Furry, animorph, role playing, animal, friends

Marcus_Bloodsworth Public 222 39
The Cross Worlds

The Cross Worlds

Tags: Role-Play, Family, Kingdoms, Military, The Cross Worlds

Aaron Von Daemon Public 4 3
USS Heart's Desires

Yaoi, Shota, Master, Slave, Role Play

Tags: Yaoi, Shota, Master, Slave

II Uke-Senpai II Public 130 11
Werewolves Anonymous

A guild for the werewolves of Gaia

Tags: werewolves, werewolf, lycan, moon, furry

Hudine Wolfspirit Public 2,632 110
The Gay Furry Guild

Tags: Furry, Homosexual, Roleplay, Artistic, Anthro

Bohemian Hybrid Private 21,084 91
Kingdom Of Furry Rp (Active Rpers Only)

A place where Furry, Neko, Anthro, ect fans can come to RP!

Tags: Furry, Neko, Anthro, Animal, Kingdom

Fox of Scarlet Private 91 12
League of Fur-iosity

Tags: Furries, Furry, Fur-iosity, League

Obloguy Public 3 8
Valiant:The Wolf pack

A place to make family and friends outside of blood line.

Tags: Wolf Pack, Family, Close Friends, Meet/Greet, Furries

AstroIogist Public 1 8
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