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♥Big Time Rush♥

If you like or love btr (big time rush) join now! ;D

Tags: Big Time Rush, Music, Tv shows, Guildy, Funny

Xx-Baby_Flaka-xX Public 839 252
The Moonlit Palace (OPEN!)

Looking for a Submissive? Dominant? Friend? Family? HOME? Then I welcome you to The Moonlit Palace to find all that you seek.

Tags: Action, Roleplay, Slave and Master, Friends and family, Mature

Prince Caelum Tsukiyo Private 225 13
Satans Guild

This is for all gaian worshippers of satan


BooBooBuster Public 20 11
The Running Man Club

Don't Walk, Run! For SBS Running Man Fans.

Tags: Running Man, Variety Show, Korean, Funny, Hang Out

Runningman Daebak Public 20 26

HTG: HustleTrollingGroup is a Youtube community group that makes: gameplay videos, trolling videos,(even real life) GTA vids, Minecraft,...

Tags: Youtube, Minecraft, GTA San Andreas, Trolling, Funny

Mr D-Tail Public 18 27
The Mighty Animal Army Of Death!!!!

A guild for sheep only with the item "mouton twins"

Fabulous Dinkles Public 2 6

This guild is really for you! Recommend Stuff, Ask Questions, Make a Poll, Have FUN! This is your Guide!

Tags: Trill, Trade, Market, Funny

Mal_Finessin Public 17 3
Little Lucy's Turtle Tank

Have a pet Turtle? Terrapin or tortoise, this guild is for people to share photos and ask questions about their pet turtles!

Tags: Turtles, Tortoise, Terrapin, Pets, Animals

Insidious Formality Public 4 1
People Who TC Alot

We do shit on TC and make peace friends.

Tags: Tinychat, Friends, Drunk People, Happiness, Marry

Ravallo IV Public 14 9

This guild is for anyone searching for discussion of TheShmoJoe's channel on Youtube were he does Video game walkthroughs with commentary.

Tags: theshmojoe, video games, game, funny, youtube

TheShmoness Public 2 2
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