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Manga United

The guild for all things Manga! *winks and gives thumbs up*

Tags: Chat, Random, Active, activity, funny

-X_Ello_Poppet_X- Public 1,023 124

A communtiy just to hang out and have fun.

Tags: communtiy, free, awesome, funny, random

Master Passcode Public 13 24
Scetra University

Scetra High School is back with some new faces, old faces, and just plain old weird faces!

Tags: Scetra, School, vampires, werewolves, wizards

Vampire Hunter Mari Public 812 23
~The Guardians Of Seron~(ReOpened&Accepting)

A Alternate Dimention Where It it Ruled by The 12 Guardians Of Seron. Each Has A Village With Creatures And Humans Alike.

Tags: Neko, Creatures, Guardians, RolePlay, Seron

PandoraHeartsLacie Public 175 2
ғull ɱoon

Join the pack...Everyone is welcome...And strong we shall stand!

Tags: Werewolf, Full Moon, Wolf, Pack, Roleplay

Acuzzi Sugar Public 62 20
Knight's Buddy Place

I don't know. 8D

Tags: KnightMaiere, Chat, RolePlay, Funny, Happiness

KnightMaiere Public 78 7
Paint It Rainbow~! A Hetalia Guild

A Hetalia Roleplay, and Discussion Guild. ((U/C))

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, Discussion, Humor, Yaoi

LoversOfLovers2 Public 828 33
The Ravishing Pink Unicorns of Buttered Toast



Just Tzazon Public 28 29

We are a family of sheep. A family of one. If someone messes with one sheep, they deal with all of the sheep. We are one; we are united.

Tags: sheep, family, cosplay, funny, cult

Provocative Pixels Public 30 33
Portal Breach

The Collision of Worlds, where adventure thrives.

Tags: roleplay, portal breach, cross overs, digital, characters

TenguSagittarius Public 5 3
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