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GPC (gaia peace core)

To Help Gaia & Noobs

Tags: cybering, roleplay, noobs, polls, peace

xPanda Boo Bearx Public 683 22
The All Around Guild

People who loves to be all around.

Tags: Funny, Hangout, World, Friends, Laugh

windail1 Public 1,340 134

Who knew stupid could be so sexii?

Tags: Random, Stupid, Funny, Animals, Moron

Fraulein West Public 363 17
Role-Plays For Everyone

Every type of roleplaying.

Tags: Role playing, Fantasy, Reality, Romance, Fun/ Funny

Angel blood_Devil heart Public 3,801 106
Ninjas of the Zen Gardens

To suppress the evil Kokeshi Doll's powers for all eternity!

Tags: Zen Gardens, knights, ninjas

m1dn1ght_ch1me Public 73 76
Ladies Entertainment Sporting Battle Organization

Yuri wrestling. (Check the initials broseph)

Tags: yuri, wrestling, roleplay

FuriousSeahorse Private 261 16

We're just a bunch of people who like to have fun and like to hang out ~

Tags: Joke, Hang out, Funny, Laid Back, Friendly

Andens Public 13 8
Random Weirdness

HEYYYY yah its me that weirdo well this guild is about u being a random weirdo like me so come join this is a great and fun guild

Tags: crazy people, funny people, awesome people, weirdos, random people

Random I3itch23 Public 13 4
Video Click

Here is we're you show off your videos to the world! Want to be noticed on YouTube well post and join this!

Tags: Video, Gameing, YouTube, Anime, Funny

Ryuu sky Public 11 3
-Quit Playin-

A guild for the realest people who want to hang around fun people

Tags: Swag, Sexy, Realpeople, Funny, Cool

-Girl Quit Playin- Private 1 12
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