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Tags: Role Playing, Supernatural, Love, Funny, World

Fiendish Az Private 18,087 6
Friend's Roleplaying Guild!

Here we come to roleplay and enjoy being creative!

Tags: Funny, Romantic, Suspensful, Scary, Amusing

ElynsynosRevenged Public 64 5
Official RLF&S Forum's Body Mod Thread Companion Guild

Piercings, tattoos, scarification, body mods, etc

Tags: Tattoos, Piercings, Scarification, Branding, Body Modification

Jagger-Wolf Private 1,557 273
Jokes and Riddles: Guilty as Charged

Got a sense of humor? Get yourself over here!

Tags: Funny, Hilarious, Dumb, Jokes, Lawyer

Meena Reine Public 60 4
Envoy of The Hollow Worlds

This is a cross over role play guild that incorporates multiple animes/shows

Tags: Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Code Lyoko, Fantasy

Metternich Private 2,851 14
Warriors: Into the Future

Warriors by Erin Hunter the roleplay!

Tags: Warriors, Roleplay

GeneralV00d00 Public 52 5
The Williams Family

if u want to be apart of my family then u can join pm me the place u want to be (ex. uncle, aunt, brother etc.)

Tags: family, williams, funny, interesting, easy

Devin The Fallen Angel Public 9 15

Beware or Befriend in this twisted random guild

Tags: Funny, Friends, Death

Punk Bravery Public 185 11


Tags: Funny, nice, chilling, people, truningup

-CpDk- Public 3 6
Vocaloid ( Voco

This is for any lens rins miku gumi and the rest oh and kaito i got your ice cream

Tags: funn, voco, finn, dram, quiz

Pwedo pervyness 69 Public 3 2
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