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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
pasterino dongerino frappuccino cappucino al pacino

Tags: stupid, funny, i dont know, dumb, silly

Vindictive Resolve Private 10 9
---& iChase UniPigs Muxie Private 1,239 54
Official RLF&S Forum's Body Mod Thread Companion Guild

Piercings, tattoos, scarification, body mods, etc

Tags: Tattoos, Piercings, Scarification, Branding, Body Modification

Jagger-Wolf Private 1,557 272
Baka to test lovers

A guild for all those fans of baka to test to shoukanjuu

Tags: baka to test to shoukanjuu, baka to test, idiots and tests and summoned beings, anime, manga

othinus Public 36 12
Jokes and Riddles: Guilty as Charged

Got a sense of humor? Get yourself over here!

Tags: Funny, Hilarious, Dumb, Jokes, Lawyer

Meena Reine Public 60 4
The Realm of Video Game and Anime Roleplays

A simple roleplaying guild that is based off of Video Games and Anime

Tags: Video Games, Role play, Anime, Original, Realm

Makojna Public 3,021 37
Naruto: Rise of Oujou

Who's side will you choose? Power or Peace?

Tags: Naruto, Role play

Daehuac Private 4,165 19
Hearts of Wolfaria Gen II

Found and Led by Guild Captain Playbones

Tags: Roleplay, Wolfaria, Funny

PlayBones Private 896 20
anime , music, life and funny ass stuff- works for me! XD

anime , music, life and funny ass stuff- works for me! XD

Tags: anime, music, life, funny

Roxas20242 Public 21 11
Vocaloid ( Voco

This is for any lens rins miku gumi and the rest oh and kaito i got your ice cream

Tags: funn, voco, finn, dram, quiz

Pwedo pervyness 69 Public 3 1
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