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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Tʜᴇ Aɴᴀʟ Aʀᴍʏ™

The Anal Army of Gaia 2014 Copyright Infringed with a TM

Tags: Butt, Army, Funny, Gaming, Giveaway

Rhythms of Africa Private 189 18

A Fantasy Romance Roleplay Guild

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Elven, Woodland

Osthara Private 4,936 4
Devilish Temptations

place we're everyone is family an can RP in peace

Tags: love/war/BLOOD, neko/werewolf/vampire, angel/demons/school, adventure/funny/town, fantasy/creatures/awsome

CaptianRukia94 Public 1,109 13

This guild is for people to make friends and hang out

Tags: Roleplay, Funny, Happy

AevaI Private 2,506 1
Starry Shore Guild

This is my homie dawg gamer spot, yo.

Tags: Dixs in mah butt, Gamin yo, Love n peace, some sappy shut, oral

Your Number One Drug Private 5 5

The ultimate guild for angry starseeds

Tags: starseed, seed, sparkle, funny, lols

You Cant Escape Fate Private 5 6

Funny tweets by Jaden Smith because I love him k.

Bihji Private 10 15

Just to keep in touch to play zOMG

Tags: fight, funny, latin, earn, money

dayanela Private 5 4
Magyar szerepjáték gild

Egy gild mindazoknak, akik magyar ajkúak és szeretik a szerepjátékokat.

Tags: hungary, anime, funny, manga

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 3 3
Fat and Happy

a guild where you can eat and not care anymore, just kidding you have to take care of your health even if you're fat

Tags: true to myself, food, health, self appreciation, self awareness

Thrust Andcum Public 1 1
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