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Fat and Happy

a guild where you can eat and not care anymore, just kidding you have to take care of your health even if you're fat

Tags: true to myself, food, health, self appreciation, self awareness

Dark Chansey Public 1 1

Derp, Nutella, Ponies, Nyaaing, Pirates And Whatever Else..

Tags: Kawii, Funn, Derp, Fabulous, Panties

Kitta Nee-PantyChan Public 1 6
Thy Sinful Sanctuary

Can you handle it?

Tags: YaoiYuri, Guro, Demented, Funny, Someothershit

Vadim Olevsky Private 1,298 27
S**t Rps

Rps that are terrible on purpose

Tags: Role playing, Regret, A bit of shame

Silent Canary Public 138 4
The Williams Family

if u want to be apart of my family then u can join pm me the place u want to be (ex. uncle, aunt, brother etc.)

Tags: family, williams, funny, interesting, easy

Devin The Fallen Angel Public 10 15

Funny tweets by Jaden Smith because I love him k.

Bihji Private 10 15

Just to keep in touch to play zOMG

Tags: fight, funny, latin, earn, money

dayanela Private 5 4
Magyar szerepjáték gild

Egy gild mindazoknak, akik magyar ajkúak és szeretik a szerepjátékokat.

Tags: hungary, anime, funny, manga

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 3 3
Apple Seed

The Seed Of Gaia

Tags: Gaia, Friends, Nice, Funny

Aspiring To Be Something Public 29 8

Tags: History, Watermelon, Writing, Funfacts, Weapons

meiglo Private 5 1
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