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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Trinity: a Warrior cat Guild

this guild is based on the Warriors books by Erin Hunter

Tags: Erin Hunter, warriors, cats, fireheart, clans

asharin bosmer Public 976 20
Spark B/c

Spark B/C- a guild of foxes and magic!

Tags: spark, foxes, magic, breedable, roleplay

Verra Fox Public 621 24
i-na-li a-da-na-ta

Shamanism and Native American Spiritualism

Tags: Shaman, Native American, Spiritualism, Out of body Experiences, Astral projection

Dark_Devious_Fox Public 100 31
Kitsune Guild Maur_dib Public 14,058 371
The World Ends With You: A New Shadow

A guild based on the game The World Ends With You

Tags: sell, buying, foxes, cash, gold

Zane Maehara Public 192 1
Intelligence Support Activity

"The Activity" - Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit

Tags: Military, Roleplay, Black Ops, Secret Agent, Wet Work

Lord Artorias Public 1,775 2
NEW Naruto: Shinobi Way

The wonderful world of roleplay and kindness.

Tags: Naruto, anime, manga, jutsu, ninja, romance, novel, literate, Kunai, kekkei, genkai, harem, Imagination, Creativity

pulsanovica Public 537 43
All Togeter.

My gaian get-together, Places to just hang, spar, roleplay and share our talents

Tags: Family, Role play, Private, Bored, Groups

SimpleDashDx Public 575 27

this is a guild for fox's

Tags: foxfamily

Darthzad3r Public 7 6

Werewolf means change. Are you one of the best beasts or (to us) are you just the best feast?

Tags: werewolf, werewolves, howling, full moon, fangs

Lucifer-Hell Incorporated Public 6 1
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