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Naruto: A New World (Open & Accepting)

A whole new Naruto World where there are new Kage, Akatsuki, Anbu and Jinchuriki. This is also a place where R.P with your friends or Foe.

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Roleplaying, Fighting, Love/Romance

LegendJeter Public 2,278 58
NF - Nocturnal Foxes

A Guild for Fox Lovers From Fox Lovers, If you only like foxes or find them cool its fine too ^-^

Tags: Foxes, Animals, Kitsune, Anime

Nightures Public 46 10
A Good RolePlay

have fun rp

shadowcattss Public 483 8
The Realm of KazeKane Tetsuya kagetsu Public 2,573 6
Fallout: A New Chapter

Survive or perish in the wastes, choice is up to you.

Tags: Fallout, Apocalyptic, RolePlaying, Survival, Video Games

Assassin Kitsuchi Public 298 7
The Forgotten Valley

A Forgotten Vally, where Wolves, and also other animals of the forest live. Trying to find peace, while other live in Chaos.

Tags: Wolves, Wolf, Fox, Foxes, Battle, wild chaos, animals,bird of prey,bears

cTheAngelofMusic Public 630 18
Pocket Foxes! A B/C Shop

The guild for the Pocket Foxes! shop. c:

Tags: breedable, changeable, b/c shop

Bittersweet Candies Public 5 3
A Kitty-fox-wolf Would be cool, Right?

Role play guild

Tags: kittyfoxwolf

CookehFox Private 2 1
I live to serve you

a master slave guild for all active role players.

Tags: master, slave, petS, bdsm

ch3rrybl0s0m Public 22 5
~ The Inari Fox and Wolf Pack ~

Whether you be Inari, Wolf, or any Gaia animal this is your Wonderland ~

Tags: Inari Beads, Animal Avis, Foxes, Wolves, Packs

Kairie_KH Public 2 7
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