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The Dark Entiti Guild

...and where the life around us fall, we shall feast on the souls of the departed. Dark beings of the night, assimilate the world in death.

Tags: Demon, Dark Elf, Dragon, Role Play, Fantasy

Nevermore Ozkavosh Public 934 26
Back To Kanto [An In Depth Pokemon RP]

We all grow up sometime, but if given the chance, would you go back to Kanto? Would you?

Tags: Pokemon, Kanto, Role Playing, Video Games, Real to Anime

MollieSyndrome Public 2,071 2
The fox knight guild. Persona Foxey Public 27 11
Nico Nico Douga: Home of the Vocaloid

A Loving society where we talk about Nico Nico Douga, Nico singer, and the famous vocaoids/Utau

Tags: Nico Nico Douga, Vocaloid, Utau, Japan, utattemita

marthfangurl Public 463 49
Sheepy Fox Stories

a very exclusive guild for roleplaying

Nailath Private 360 2
Koribara Wolf Pack

A place for rp loving wolves and foxes

Tags: wolves, foxes, pack, werewolf, role-playing

Koribara of Diffursity Public 661 12
what does the fox say Robotic_glitterberry Public 725 44

Wolf pack, foxes allowed too. All must have wolf or fox to join.

Tags: Icestar's Iceclan, Darkness: By Scorchstar628

Skystorm27 Public 1 23
Luna Kitsune Sol

Shop Guild

Tags: Kitsune, Foxes, Anthro

GmWolflord Public 20 4
Metal Gear Solid: Return of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid based guild, full of fun past events and present ones of todays current MGS's

Tags: Metal Gear Solid, Role Play, Rated M, Chapter RPG

lottie-tottie1240 Private 8 2
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