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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Spirit Bound Guild

A place for Spirit Bound owners to roleplay, keep track of their Spirit Points, quest, and chat!

Tags: breedables, foxes, shiki

Guardian of the Shiki Public 145 12
★Velivolant family★

A gaian family

Tags: Animals, wolves, mythical, creatures, gaia family

Angelique Velivolant Public 40 8

Elvian Foxicorns

Tags: Kitsune, Unicorn, Elvish, Elvian

Sangotaijiya08 Private 44 14
~Kitsune Bi~

Japanese fox spirits

Tags: Kitsune, Demon, foxes

Sangotaijiya08 Private 39 14
The Fox-Wolf Pack Alliance: Reborn (U/C)

A guild for canine demons and canine based beings.

Tags: Wolf, Kitsune, Pack, Fantasy, Shapeshifters

Yukimori Horosha Public 1,714 42
Neko Party

A fun place where you can be a neko, or own one

Tags: Neko, Party, Animal, Cute, Owner

devil_may_cry 66 Public 4,126 130
Summoned by the Stars(a warrior cats rp, accepting)

An erin hunters warrior series roleplay that would leave you at the edge of your seat every time you log off....

Bucket of Evil Private 1,156 19
The kuning wolf pack

This guild for wolves or foxes make friends do jobs :)

Tags: wolfs, kunning, foxes, pack, wolves

Wolf The Guardian Angel Public 63 14
Were Animals!!

gaia's animals! Known as i am's

Tags: were animals, i am you are, zOMG

Kimi Kohaco Public 1 1

Lingering Fox Pet shop guild

Tags: Lingering, Foxes, Pets, Breedables, Cool

LingeringFoxes Public 2 3
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