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Werewolves Anonymous

A guild for the werewolves of Gaia

Tags: werewolves, werewolf, lycan, moon, furry

Hudine Wolfspirit Public 2,632 110
Bleach - Arrancar 2nd Coming ((Quincys on board))

The chapter of bleach after 100 years past the quincy war.

Tags: Bleach, Guild, Captain, Enemy, Fighter,, Roleplay, God, Sword, Ichigo, Power,, Zanpakuto, Special, Super, Semi-Lit,, Bankai, Literate, Skill, Manga, Anime,, Battles, Flight, Destroy, Hero, Demon

Kasai_Haigara Private 1,576 25
Star Wars A New Legacy (Under Construction)

A guild for those who love star wars and want a taste of something new.

Tags: Star wars, Sith, Fighting, Roleplay, Awesome

Kane Solomon Private 92 5
~Majestic Pack: An Animal Roleplay~

You roleplay as an animal after creating one. You can make friends so on, so forth.

Tags: Wolves, Dragons, Cats, Foxes, Role Playing

Viola Blood Night Public 2,040 93
Skys and Rushing waters.

Tags: Erin Hunter, Warriors, Cats, role playing

Mermaid Banana Public 375 17
Lunar Rose

A roleplaying guild of a wolf pack that includes foxes.

Tags: wolf, foxes, rose, moon, pack

Coinin Norzaar Private 22 23
єριтαρн σƒ ηιgнтмαяєѕ

Alternate worlds that string together a chaotic story.

Tags: Role Playing, Gaia gold, Epitaph, ofthe, Nightmares

SnowieFox Public 6 4
Moon Sworn Alpha

A werewolf and vampire role play guild

Tags: Werewolf, Vampire, Moon, Sworn, Alpha

The Fox Tamer Private 310 12
Fox Nation

We are foxes! We are destined to rule all of gaia

Tags: foxxes, soldier, knight, ninja, furry

Katmy Private 17 20
Kurai Clan

A clan who has a stronger bond than any atom.

Shadowdemonx9 Private 16 10
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