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The Sailor Moon/Fushigi Yuugi Guild

A roleplaying & informational guild for Sailor Moon and/or Fushigi Yuugi lovers to hang out.

Tags: Moon, Fushigi, Watase, Naoko, Roleplay

Dea and #Teddy# Private 10,124 625
.:Akatsuki Playground:.

We are a Akatsuki guild that is all-around. We go from RP to everything in between.

Tags: Role Play, Akatsuki, Naruto, anime, manga

Pein of Wolves Public 6,262 389
Veneficium Scholasticus(A Negima RP guild)

A roleplay/discussion guild for the hit series Negima

Tags: Negima, anime role play, Ken Akamatsu, fantasy, comedy

Elise Grimwald Public 533 105
† Severed Heart † A D.Gray Man Role-Play Guild

A semi-lit to lit D.Gray Man roleplaying guild! [Under Maintenance!]

Tags: D.Gray Man, akuma, excorcists, innocence, weapon

Aslilin Public 5,143 42
Bleach RP: Legends of the New Beginning

Join any side and start your very own legend.

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Bount, Shinigami, roleplay

soul_eater178 Private 51 12
Drawing White Rabbit

A guild about Yukiru Sugisaki's Manga

Tags: Yukiru Sugisaki, D.N. Angel, Brain Powerd, Candidate for Goddess, Manga

thshrztztrzr Public 21 7
Alice In Wonderland : Wonder no more

When Alice has taken over the world of whimsical, it's up to the White Rose to fight back.

Tags: Action, mystery, Romance, friendship, Fighting

SaintDango Private 944 24
The Dancing Dove

This is for Tamora Pierce's Tortall fans of all ages!

Tags: Tamora Pierce, Role Playing, Fanfiction, Fanart, Discussion

Queen-of-the-Rogue Private 2,753 7
Random Role Play

Wanna Role Play? Talk About Anime? Look No Further

Tags: anime, role play, fanfiction, fanart, music

Anime Fan9568 Public 3,427 31
Resident Evil Eradication

The Eradication of Racoon City.

Tags: Resident Evil, Zombies, Umbrella Corporation, Role Play

The mage of twilight Public 97 11
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