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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Room 304 ~ The Dir en grey Guild xmkatx Public 47,872 999
The Sailor Moon/Fushigi Yuugi Guild

A roleplaying & informational guild for Sailor Moon and/or Fushigi Yuugi lovers to hang out.

Tags: Moon, Fushigi, Watase, Naoko, Roleplay

Dea and #Teddy# Private 10,124 624
Coffee and Strawberries: A Death Note Yaoi Guild Reyire Alexander Private 9,468 857
The Dancing Dove

This is for Tamora Pierce's Tortall fans of all ages!

Tags: Tamora Pierce, Role Playing, Fanfiction, Fanart, Discussion

Queen-of-the-Rogue Private 2,753 7
Random Role Play

Wanna Role Play? Talk About Anime? Look No Further

Tags: anime, role play, fanfiction, fanart, music

Anime Fan9568 Public 3,427 31
The Red Dwarf Experience

A gathering place for all fans of the British sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf.

Tags: Red Dwarf, British, TV Series, Sci-Fi, Comedy

Misuki Marishima Public 189 14
The Elder Scribes

A TES community of discussion, debate, rp, modding, lore, fiction, and art.

Tags: morrowind, oblivion, elder, scrolls, scribes

Kliban Katz Public 18 2
Alice In Wonderland : Wonder no more

When Alice has taken over the world of whimsical, it's up to the White Rose to fight back.

Tags: Action, mystery, Romance, friendship, Fighting

SaintDango Private 944 24
All things Naruto~

Hello and welcome to all things naruto. Where you can talk, or even roleplay all things naruto

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Naruto Fanfic, Naruto Cosplay, Naruto Fanart

RandomLords Public 6 3
Yaoi Lovers United Forever

Everything Yaoi!

Tags: Yaoi, BoyXBoy, anime, manga, love

TheHeartBreakAngel Public 1 1
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