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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Baker Street Irregulars Ms. Zorra Public 752 18
Manga Maniacs Guild

Talk and rant about manga!

Tags: manga, anime

Minaiko Private 5,531 613
The Official Smallville Guild! Original_Sin Private 58,426 809
LoveLess Guild loveableneko Private 8,784 1,074
Horror Fans

A place for fans to discuss horror films, games, books and art

Tags: Horror, movies, games, artwork, roleplay

A World of Madness Private 1,797 4
The SMS Brigade

A fun and random guild! We're anime-themed, but we welcome everyone!

Tags: anime, awesome, geeks, nerds, Japan

Phoebe-Sakura Private 1,832 49
Its OUR Imagination! a whole new rp guild

imagination is our only unlimited resorse. lets keep it alive !!

Tags: imagination, kuro ha

Kuro-ha Kitsune7 Public 383 42
*Fruits Basket*

Roleplay,Fun Stuff

Xx-Cat-x-Paige-xX Public 35 7

We Are Awesome, Bitches!

Tags: aliens, crew, something, clustermuck, cluster

xXx GOGGLOR xXx Public 20 7
Your Picture Pleasures Hetalia


CrypticMuffins Private 4 1
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