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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Eureka seveN Guild

Gaia's official guild for the anime series Eureka seveN!

Tags: eurekaseven, eureka7, eureka, anemone, anime

rekkaryuu Private 28,589 1,065
KeiFujimi Art Guild

KeiFujimi is a user looking to buy and sell artwork for gold, items, or art trades.

KeiFujimi Public 317 1
Its OUR Imagination! a whole new rp guild

imagination is our only unlimited resorse. lets keep it alive !!

Tags: imagination, kuro ha

Kuro-ha Kitsune7 Public 383 42
Other World Civilization

A shop based on worlds colliding. Video game monster based pets.

Tags: fanart, monster, digimon, monster rancher, video game

emothunder Public 747 18
One Piece Let The New Era Begin

Fight as the pirate you have always wanted to be, or chase the pirates as a sea hardend marine. OPEN AND ACCEPTING NEED PEOPLE

Tags: One piece, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Role Play, Straw Hat

Dorian El Diablo Gray Private 298 1
Ai no Kusabi

Ai No Kusabi fan Guild

Tags: ai no kusabi, space in between, iason, riki, katze

Sunathear Public 285 15
Soul Eater #2

Have fun,Roleplay,Cosplay,FanArt,FanFics,Contests,Randmoe(Spam)

Roser_Ninja_Girl_Roser Public 7 6
.:: Official Adventure Time RP Guild ::.

For all fans of Adventure Time, come on in and have a lumping awesome time!

Tags: Adventure Time Guild, Adventuretime, Finn, Marceline, Jake

Get Your Knife Private 1,025 54
The World Conference! APH Guild

An awesome guild dedicated to all things Hetalia!

Tags: Hetalia, Axis, Powers, World, Roleplay

The Grey Alchemist Public 7 2
Gem Haven

A guild for gemsonas.

Tags: steven universe, gems, gemsona, drawing, roleplaying

bixbyte Private 1 3
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