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The Official Eureka seveN Guild

Gaia's official guild for the anime series Eureka seveN!

Tags: eurekaseven, eureka7, eureka, anemone, anime

rekkaryuu Private 28,589 1,065
KeiFujimi Art Guild

KeiFujimi is a user looking to buy and sell artwork for gold, items, or art trades.

KeiFujimi Public 317 1
Other World Civilization

A shop based on worlds colliding. Video game monster based pets.

Tags: fanart, monster, digimon, monster rancher, video game

emothunder Public 747 18
One Piece Let The New Era Begin

Fight as the pirate you have always wanted to be, or chase the pirates as a sea hardend marine. OPEN AND ACCEPTING NEED PEOPLE

Tags: One piece, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Role Play, Straw Hat

Dorian El Diablo Gray Private 298 1
Ai no Kusabi

Ai No Kusabi fan Guild

Tags: ai no kusabi, space in between, iason, riki, katze

Sunathear Public 285 15
Soul Eater #2

Have fun,Roleplay,Cosplay,FanArt,FanFics,Contests,Randmoe(Spam)

Roser_Ninja_Girl_Roser Public 7 6
.:: Official Adventure Time RP Guild ::.

For all fans of Adventure Time, come on in and have a lumping awesome time!

Tags: Adventure Time Guild, Adventuretime, Finn, Marceline, Jake

Get Your Knife Private 1,025 54
LD Fanfics and Fanart

This is the LD and CB's bastard child. Post your fanfics and fanarts without the fear of banhammering!

Tags: fanfictions, Lifestyle Discussion, fanfic, fanart, banhammering

x- MouthSex -x Private 1,852 70
The World Conference! APH Guild

An awesome guild dedicated to all things Hetalia!

Tags: Hetalia, Axis, Powers, World, Roleplay

The Grey Alchemist Public 7 2
The Black Swordsman; Berserk Fan Guild

Berserk Fan Guild

Tags: Berserk, Manga, Anime, Guts, RPGs

Spooky the Cat Public 1 1
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