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Vocaloid Ask RPs

You make a thread of your favorite Vocaloid, and you can play as them~

Tags: Vocaloid Ask, Vocaloid RPs, Vocaloid Music, Vocaloid Fanart/Fanfiction, Vocaloid

ToriNinjaWolf1_ Public 28 9
The Gaians United

The Gaians United Guild is a semi-active community full of people who want to have some fun and a steady group of people who are on Gaia.

Tags: Military/Army, Militia, Fanfiction, Fanart Discussion, Role Playing, Games, Contests

Sora Star Public 3,674 24
HBJ - Pinoy Rebels xX-Kyouya Ootori-Xx- Public 8,645 39
CSI: Miami

We Never Close

Tags: CSI: Miami, David Caruso, Jerry Bruckheimer, Crime Scene Investigation, Horatio Caine

[libertad] Public 2,962 62
[3 Wishes: A Dragonball Z Slash Guild]

For all the Dragonball/Z/Gt Slash (Yaoi) You could ever want.

Tags: Dragonball Z, Slash, Yaoi, Romance, Shounen-ai

[Ren The Ryoko] Public 2,119 150
~*The Official Supernatural Guild*~

Supernatural now comes on Fridays at nine on the CW network

Tags: Supernatural, SPN (RP), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Iceestar Public 2,716 84
The Awsome Roleplaying Guild

we will have many diffrent roleplaying things to choose from. Come join and make new friends and enjoy the roleplay

Tags: Awesome, Role playing, Friends, Mythical

nodokamiyazaki01 Public 2,838 18
Prince of Tennis Fanclub

Join us all at centre court!!

Tags: Prince, Tennis, Seigaku, Hyoutei, Rikkai

x- M A J I Q U E -x Public 3 3
the pewdiepie fan club (for all the bros of pewdiepie)

this is a guild for all the fans or you could say bros of the legend himself PEWDIEPIE

Tags: pewdiepie, stephano, the bro, martin, piggeh

fracturedloyalty Public 7 16
Gloomsville Residents

A Ruby Gloom Fan Guild

Tags: Ruby Gloom, Quirky, Roleplay, Fanart, Writing

Kiamx Public 6 13
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