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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
;;~Gaara Fanclub~;; Pinumbra Private 12,724 1,153
Yuu Watase Guild LHL Public 19,397 1,788
The Series Of Unfortunate Events Guild

series of unfortunate events

KG-DM Public 261 32

No die, but character sheets. Dm's who control a few subforums. Leveling system. Come see what we have.

Tags: Dragons, Dungeons and dragons, Role Playing, Magic, Action

TheVulgarUnicorn Public 2,861 15

* A guild dedicated to Asakura Daisuke and Takami Hiroyuki of Access *

Tags: Access, Asakura Daisuke, Takami Hiroyuki, Japan

angelmyu Public 35 18
Madness Returns ~American McGee's Alice~

Drop down into the world of Alice.

Tags: American McGee's Alice, Alice, Video game, Wonderland, Madness Returns

VictorianMess Public 14 1
Yu-Gi-Oh Forever Role-Play Guild


Tags: yu-gi-oh Action, Role Playing, Chatting, Dueling, FanArt pictures

theanimegirl#1 Public 12 13
The Special Relationship Guild

Everything you love about USxUK now on Gaia.

Tags: USxUK, AlfredxArthur, England x America, Hetalia, Special Relationship

Iggyland Public 54 34
C O U R A G E Cloerith Private 3 1
All the Homestuck.

All of it.

Tags: homestuck, troll, alternia, sburb, roleplaying

Intelark Private 3 1
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