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Venders And Exchangers


Tags: Venders, Exchangers, Gold, Prizes, Contest

Making Gold Vending Public 172 124
Twinkle TWISTED Treasures

An INVITATION-ONLY guild for VERY special people who merit shopping straight from the Wardrobe...

Twinkle De Clown Private 765 23
★ ☆ Chaotic Empire Charity ☆ ★

Where chaotic dreams come true.

Tags: Chaotic Empire Charity, CEC Charity, Charity, Friends, Hangout

Zerisi Private 32,445 415
Final Fantasy Discord

This is an Ivalice, Final Fantasy, Literate, Mature, Role Playing guild

Tags: Final Fantasy, Ivalice, Orphan, Semi-Literate, Magic

Death Faust IX Private 53 6
We're Reckless and Relentless!

There NEEDS to be a decided Asking Alexandria Guild on Gaia! Looks like I'm the one who's gonna have to make it =)

Tags: Asking, Alexandria, Bruce, Worsnop, Relantless

MollieSyndrome Public 32 26
Apocalypse: A World in Ruins

Could you survive if everything fell into ruin?

Tags: Apocalypse, Ragnarok, Literate, Survival, Mayan Prophesy

Ellerial Private 138 13
---{{=Full Metal Alchemist: The Return of Father=}}---

Currently planning a Full metal Alchemist Theme

Tags: Fullmetal Alchemist, Action, Comedy, Romance/Drama, Father

VJammer Public 868 15
The Phantomhive Household

A Black Butler Rp Guild

Tags: Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji, Role Play, Anime, Manga

xXYoung_Lord_CielXx Public 101 27
T3h Gaia's Finest

Just a guild of the finest Gaian's

Tags: Vending, Chill, Exchange, Fishing, Towns

MaRkIe po0h Public 6 3
G.O.W. Gamers for Life

Dedicated to Gears of War fans as well as Xbox 360 gamers

Tags: gears of war, xbox, gamers, xbox 360

Nataro Brave Private 1 2
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