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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Random Place Lady Euthanasia Private 32,982 396
Ao no Exorcist: Days of Destruction - Under Construction

People who play with the lives of others are Gods? Would the Gods really try and use us as Pawns? If so are the Demons the same as us?

Tags: Ao No Exorcist, Magic, Demons, Blue Exorcist, Romance-Action-Comedy-Adventure-Academy

KogaP Private 13,560 24
Fly By Night

this is a place for all magical creatures to learn

Tags: magic, wicca, clan, academy, coven

l Briseis l Public 110 12
To Each His Own

Vampires vs. Zæroids

Tags: Battle/War, Zaeroids, Vampire, Romance, Action, Military

Hakoken Private 594 51
B.E.A.T Be Evil All the Time

A place where you can be evil.

Tags: Evil, Awesome

Ghost of Wolfgang Public 18 14
Appleseed: Data Breach

It is up to ES.W.A.T. to protect Olympus again.

Tags: Appleseed, Ex-Machina, Deunan, Briareos, ES.W.A.T.

Lady Black Lycan Public 202 3
Winx Club New generation

Welcome everyone to a new adventure

Tags: winx, love, Role playing, Friends, School

Sweetangeltot Public 385 12
The Mystical Island of Keyotan

An rp guild where the story takes place on a feudal oriental island isolated from mainland japan for centuries

Tags: Samurai, Keyotan, roleplaying, magik, Romance

Kiaratiger Public 533 10
Ruined World

Welcome to a world ruined by the darkness with the ties of fate severed

Tags: Fantasy, Role-playing, Pirates, Battle, Magic

Gin Xyrin Public 2 4
Final Project: World Restart

A roleplay guild~

Tags: Future, Bloody, Action, Anime, Roleplay

What Penguins Do Private 7 6
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