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Naruto: Path of the Shinobi

A Literate Naruto Roleplaying guild. Each character has a chance to bring direct change into the story as it revolves around each one.

Tags: Naruto,, Roleplay,, Literacy,, Path of the Shinobi,, POTS,

Tsumuro Private 13,164 65
Final Fantasy 0

A whole new Final Fantasy universe brought forth from the imagination.

Tags: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 0, Final Fantasy Zero, roleplaying, literate

Psalm Grasshopper Private 1,541 20
Sword Art Online ~Re-Animated

Take a Dive Into Adventure as You Experience The Rush of //.Hack and Sword Art Online Combined Together To Give You A New Virtual Thrill.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Role play

Myno Demond Private 453 2
Neko High

Role Plays for humans and nekos also anyone can join!

Tags: element_goddess1, Role Playing, High School, RPGNH, Neko

Paranormal_Napkin Public 14,927 101
Fiction Heaven

A place to put all of your stories.

Tags: Fiction Heaven, Writting, Stories, Fiction, Fanfiction

Rhi_destiny_fighter Public 173 12
Sayari (U/C)

Eight Clans and the unstable peace of their world. Will you keep the peace? Or plunge the world of Sayari into another War?

Tags: Magic, Element, Chaos, Roleplay

Siras Cortage Public 41 7

Underworld academy? Demons need education too!

Tags: Anime, school life, romance, social, makai hell

DemonMimi Public 11 1
Naruto: Rise of Oujou

Who's side will you choose? Power or Peace?

Tags: Naruto, Role play

Daehuac Private 4,164 21
Rise of the Aerodecka

Read Below

Tags: wolf, vampire, witch, adventure, romance

Faola Nightcore Public 13 8
The Volunteers - Hetalia

Wear your uniform with pride.

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, DayZ, Metro, Dark

Elizabeta Hedervary Private 7 13
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