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Guild of the Blood Lotus

this guild will utilize pretty most of the portions of gaia such as games the area of donating to other members and so on.

Tags: Gaming, General, Role playing, ZOMG, Entertainment

Vampire Raziel Tempest Public 98 14
The Library for Role-play

Like to role-play, but don't want to join many guilds or forums? The Library is a place for many rp stories for semi to advanced literature.

Tags: Role-play, Stories, Fantasy, Semi-literate, Anime

Alice5130 Public 672 40
Axis Powers Hetalia: World Apocalypse

Our countries survive through World War III and the zombie apocalypse

Tags: hetalia, zombie, apocalypse, world war

Orilla Del Mar Public 995 5

Jokes and Music, simple as that.

Tags: Comedy, Music, Laugh, Prizes, Funny

UTG NIKKI Public 171 96
Bloody Freaks {An Invitation Only Vampire Role Play}

Under construction | Base plot into is up!

Tags: Vampire, Lust, Dark, Blood, Original

faerie bones Private 26 1

A zombie roleplay.

Tags: Zombie, Roleplay, School

doctorcoookiiez Public 198 6
Spirits, Fey, Demons, Angels, and anything in between!

The place to discuss and roleplay supernatural experiances!

Tags: Supernatural, Magick, Roleplay, Paranormal, Occult

xXItaliaUchihaXx Public 3 2
IOC Family

Instruments Of Cruelty / Rap Nation

Tags: Family, Freestyle, Loyalty, Money, Trap

W Double E D Public 35 28
We Hate Ponies! [[Anti-MLP:FiM Guild]]

Need a place to vent/rant about how stupid the fans or show is? This is the place for you.

Tags: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Rant, Vent, Discussion

Vertigosa Dumerili Private 7 5
The Wishing Guild

The Judge Free Zone

Tags: Wish

BlissBlissBlissy Public 1 1
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