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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Pokemon: GX 2.0

A new era of Pokemon Trainers has been brought in, starting their journey on a new region, the Adamas region.

Tags: Pokemon, Pokemon: GX, remake

Angel of Hollowness Private 273 13
Keep The Piggy Bank Full~A Charity

My crew and I will help you with getting gold, making a dream avi, and if you are new we will help you to!

Tags: Free, Gold, Items, Give, Away

Happy Lil Duckie Public 15 24
Kapow! The Gaian Superhero Guild

Roleplaying and chat/discussion guild for Western comic book fans.

Tags: roleplay, Marvel, Batman, comics, superheroes

Wally_West Private 461,506 114
CDs Enchanting Multipurpose Guild

A fun, relaxed place for everything your Gaian heart might desire. ^_^

Tags: Roleplay, Games, Chat, Advice, Literate

Alykia Private 9,891 30
Shine! My Heart's Jewel~

The after story of Shugo chara and Shugo chara party where new guardian apprentices and villains come in!

Tags: Shugo Chara, Cuteness, Anime, Literature, Roleplay

xXCarniNoirXx Public 3,977 53
Nirvani Island - Smooth Sailing: A Harvest Moon RP

A literate roleplay loosely based on Harvest Moon

Tags: Literate roleplay, Harvest Moon, romance

LoliKokoro Private 7,555 19
Helping Hands- A Trading Guild!

Trade stuff for stuff!

Tags: trade, stuff, dream avitar, items, help

Succulent Strawberries Public 7 6
A1 Twerkettes

A1 Twerkettes

Tags: Fun and making friends, earn money and tons of it, make some quick gold, make new friends, and have fun while fun you do it

Poetic Rose Private 1 5
Get Golden!

Quick Gold :D

Tags: Money, GOLD, GOLD GIVE AWAY, Quick Gold, Gaia Gold

Black_N_White64 Public 1 1
Yuri's KOA

Princess Yuri and her Knights of Gaia

Tags: Knights, Yuri, Princess, Kingdom, Court

llyuri Public 2 5
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