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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Shoujo Mahou Requiem

Think All Shoujo Is Sparkles And Hugs? Think Again!

Tags: Yaoi, Yuri, Literate, Mixed Genre, Anti-Drama Llama

Pink Black Vanilla Public 1,080 39
Kotori Ninja Academy

Right now we are in need of recruits. Are you up for the challenge?

Tags: Drama, Love triangles, Violence, Supernatural, Romance

Sultry Criminal Private 97 17
Eternity Of Role-plays (A Multiple Role-playing guild)

Tired of just one Role-play? Got ideas of your own but don't feel like spending gold? to make the guild then this is the guild for you

Tags: romance, multiple roleplays, action, drama, sci-fi

saku91 Public 3,609 17
Sage & Heather

A story taking place in mid Florida; Based on Erin Hunter's novels "Warrior Cats"

Tags: Erin Hunter, Warrior Cats, Clans, Cats, Warriors

Running Batty Private 225 9
Ancient Machina

Scientists has invented new beings called Ancients, ones who were used for war but now there are newer versions to replace them.

Tags: Drama, Semi Literate +, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Wars/Fights

Yume no Shirube Private 677 8
Owari no Seraph

This club is used for chatting,having fun and etc.

Tags: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire, Demons

Puckel Public 7 3
One Piece: Golden Dawn

A new dawn has arisen after twenty years! Set sail and make your legend "Straw Hat" Big!

Tags: Anime, Pirates, Drama, Adventure, Comedy

Holy Hakaishin Hiroto Private 41 3
Rose Order of Ifendal

Just a place to share ideas and have fun

Tags: roleplay, Order, rose, kingdom, Loyalty

Diary Dragonfire Private 4 11
Bittersweet Candy Fans

For anyone who knows about/likes/loves the webcomic BCB (or Bittersweet Candy Bowl) and is interested in talking about it....

Tags: webcomic, bittersweet, bittersweet candy bowl, comic, cats

ArtisticKitteh Public 1 1
~Infectious Temptations~

An outbreak and a tiring search for a cure.

Tags: Action, Romance, Drama, Gangs, Detective

Alliecat298 Public 6 3
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