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Synnful Ways

A Semi-Literary and Above Slave and Master Guild

Tags: Slave, Master, Literate, Drama, Roleplay

CaptainTapole Private 2,994 28
The LoL Hub

A friendly league of legends environment filled with league of legends discussions.

Tags: League of Legends, Champion, League

Zektur Private 4,429 54
Spirit of Kindness Guild

Friendly members, chatting.

Tags: funny, No Drama-Peaceful, New need help

Egyptian Shadowdancer Private 2,898 142
Role-player's Asylum. Fantasy Is The Future

For Role-players of all kinds... not for the faint hearted

Tags: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Battle, Romance

ScarIet_Ronin Private 75 6
All About Cloresa

The crazy Cloresa life, and some other stupid ridiculous things

Tags: Cloresa, Gaia, Drama, Fame, Money

Cloresa Public 43 33
Elsword NA Guild

A guild for NA Elsword Players/ Cosplayers

Tags: Elsword, Chung, Rena, Aisha, Elesis

Time Tracer Public 12 1
Knights of the Hallowed Rose

A faction of knights who role-play and help folks in need.

Tags: knights, role play, safe haven, hangout

I Wires I Private 28 2
Celebrity Rejects

Celebrities that you'll never see hit the screens!

Tags: Celebrity, Rejects, Gossip, Roleplay, Entertainment

CuntWalls Public 11 9
The Gentlemen Society

THE society for only the most dapper of gentlemen

Tags: Gentleman, Gentlemen, Society, Manly, Elite

Accidental Heartbreaker Private 6 3
The Yami Family

A family of friends

Tags: Role Playing, Making friends, Family, Video games, Movies

Lord Tez Yami Public 2 6
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