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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The G-Fed Guild Owner Association

A guide to help run g-feds, develop characters and more.

Tags: entertainment, Wrestling, guides, help, owner

Chrono Q Clepsydra Public 1,593 61
Bleach: Brink of War

A Literate Bleach Roleplaying guild. Each character has a chance to bring direct change into the story as it revolves around each one.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Literacy, Brink of War, Originality

Endorph Private 10,277 107
I Am A Slave and He is My Master

A master and slave guild welcomes ALL. Come and join the excitment you been wanting. We have lovely slaves ^_- just follow the rules.

Tags: Role Play, Master, Slave, Entertainment, Drama

I-Lovely Maiden-I Public 6,595 102
Precure Guild

A guild for all Precure fans!!

Tags: precure, pretty, cure, magical girl

Arcelleaux Public 22 19
Journeys of a Pokemon Master [Active]

The Pokemon Slice of Life Roleplay. Come join the best of the best Pokemon trainers in their everyday lives.

Tags: Action, Pokemon, Slice of Life, Drama, Adventure

Johto Champion Robert Private 10,175 22
Evolution Academy

Hello~ Welcome to Evolution Academy! This is an open-world open-concept Modern Day High School RP

Winter Has Come Public 156 3
Purely Persocom

Supreme Role-Play Guild about Persocoms and their own secret social lives!

Tags: persocom, roleplay, anime, chobits

grellxslutcliff Public 30 4
The Official Osmosis Jones Fan Club

Do you like this kick ass show?! Come on over! ♥

Tags: Show, Movie, Cartoon

II Majesty II Public 88 5
Saranghae -- Korean Guild

Tags: Korean, Kpop, Roleplay, Drama, Kdrama

kaisooo Public 4 13
The Yukima Royals

This is a family were only the finest are welcomed.

Tags: family, yukima, hidden

Madame Yukima Private 5 7
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