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A place for SDPlus Doll collectors.

Tags: SDPlus, Dolls, NPCs, Staff, PremiumSD

Stellar Phoenix Private 4,933 94
Gaia Blythe Fanatics

The guild for those who love Blythe dolls and the world of Blythe!

Tags: blythe, pullip, dolls, japan, kawaii

ahismyidol Public 100 20
Through the Magnifying Glass

For the B/C shop Through the Magnifying Glass

Tags: Magnifying Glass, Steampunk, Old London, Pixel Dolls, Roleplaying

A Random Sunrise Public 343 11
The Insane Asylum For The Normality Challenged

A fun guild with friendly members. Roleplay, write stories, debate, discuss your interests and more.

Tags: roleplay, fantasy, hobby, pullip, doll

Kamariana Public 149 2
Paper Marionette

My Not-so-Secret Scribbles

Tags: lollytrot, zomg, tektek, personal, witchcraft

Foxglove Tea Private 55 3
Hell girl, another story

Another hell girl, another place

Tags: Hell, Girl, Hell correspondence, Straw doll, Ichimoku ren

Kenjiiko Public 654 2

LoliDollies is exactly what it sounds like! We are a group in love with the Lolita fashions and life styles!

Tags: Lolita, Style, Fashion, Japanese Culture, Dolls

allyK-chan Public 43 16
~String Dolls~

~ Drawing String Dolls

Tags: String Dolls, String, Gaia, Drawing, Dream Avitar

ii-CaptSprinklez-ii Public 4 1
Short Fuse Central!

A Community Of Girls With Short Fuses and The Guys Who Love Them

Tags: Cute, Chicks, With, Short, Tempers

xPOISON_FREEx Public 2 2

A place where the unloved hero's, villains, creatures, and nothings of Kingdom Hearts come together as a group.

Tags: kingdom hearts, role playing, unloved, square enix, final fantasy

Unloved-Heartless Public 3 1
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