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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
[Tomato and Ryu's KH Guild] Teh 133t Tomato Private 54,198 71
The Bipolar Guild

Tags: bipolar,, mental illness, suicide, manic, depression

h3rsh Public 5,063 234
The Community Playhouse

A guild of awesome people who hang out

Tags: Towns, Hangout, Gaia, LBGT, Support

Joanna Blackhart Public 316 68
Howling Valley (Open)

A meloncholy town with many dark secrets

Tags: Anime, Secrets, Role Playing, Magic, And More

Fang Massacre Public 3,730 63
Chinese Zodiac School

Chinese Zodiac, where the Sohma family and humans go to school

Tags: Chinese Zodiac Curse, Like Fruits Basket, The Sohma Curse, RPing, School Fun

MixBreedBecky Public 1,030 18

-Under construction-

RozenDoll Alice Private 4 4
The Gay Scene

Unfortunately, being gay in the real world isn't a yaoi or yuri series

Tags: Guys, Girls, Transgender, LGBT, Help

Joe Kiing Private 30 14
[ Self-love ]

Learning how to love yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Tags: self-love, support, self-esteem, weight loss, health

l Hinatule l Private 17 3
Here's a Little Advice...

I have created this guild because indeed, I truely do care about people, whether if they are complete strangers or not.

Tags: help, advice, positive, helpful, happy

cuterad Public 6 5
Naruto Shippūden: Aftermath of The War

This is an Action-Packed Guild all about Naruto and Role Playing!

Tags: Naruto, Role Playing, Anime, Action, Fighting

Swaggersaurus Rex Public 2 2
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