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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Debate/Discuss Religion

A guild devoted to discussing and debating different aspects of various world religions

Tags: religion, faith, tolerance, discuss, debate

Semiremis Public 21,649 814
Luforce's Information Repository

A repository for all things Lu needs!

Tags: Role playing, Ideas, Writing

Lucifer Force Private 260 5
The New Way

A group for people who think they can make a difference in the world.

Tags: discussion, debate, world, government, enviroment

anonymous trickster Private 63 76
The Excellent Roleplaying Guild; Rifts, Champions, D&D Sapphina Private 10,379 60
The Serpent's Cove - A Slytherin Guild jaythenerdkid Private 5,106 41
D.A.R.T.S. (Debate and Restructure to Succeed)

Aim towards victory.

Tags: debate, argument, discussion, various, different

Izzy Fizz Private 17,041 65
The Universal Magic

A place for all psychologically inclined individuals.

Tags: Occult, Magic, Wicca, Yoga, Runes

s a m y a m a Private 2,726 23
Dark Inc.

Come and join us. No judging, no drama, just be yourself. Dark hearted or light hearted all are welcome to chat, vent, or make some friends.

Tags: Dark, Accepting, Mellow, Entertaining, Welcome

Mearcyn Private 58 5
MoLaK -- A Place of Discussion, A Place of Interruption

A forum for opinions of all no matter how long...

Tags: Discussion, Debate, Opinion, Satire, Entertainment

HyperActiveEmo205 Public 102 11
An Alternate Lifestyle..

A literate role play guild~

Tags: Romance, Fantasy, School, Action, Spies

British Waffeelz Public 3,119 7
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