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Five Nations; The Next Chapter

Naruto style guild (non cannon)

Tags: ninja, naruto, large scale war, ancient powers, romance

kesuke uchiha Private 23,593 34
~Soul Eater~

A Soul Eater Fan Club, for Soul Eater Fans. :3

Tags: Soul Eater, Soul Eater Fan Club, Fan Club, Anime, Manga

Uruha_the gazettE Public 5,754 1,068
A Vampire Diaries Roleplay Guild

This Guild is for Vampire Diaries Roleplayers : ) Enjoy

Tags: Vampire, Diaries, Roleplay, Elena, Katherine

misssomerhalder Public 4,092 61
Academy Of Eden (U/C And Accepting)

Come and make your story. X3 Angels and Demons going to the same school a place to call there home to help them learn to use there powers

Tags: Anime, Angels, Demon, Academy, School

xXShirazuRyXx Public 4 3
Militia Of Devils

[MOD] has Just made its transition int Gaia, Were looking for skilled and inexperienced members!

Tags: Demons, Death, Gaia, Monsters, Devils

Dealer of destruction Public 13 9

Roleplaying in the darkest pits of Hell.

Tags: Demon, Hell, Netherworld, Monster, Devil

James R Usher Private 19 1

We are INDESTRUCTIBLE killing machines.

Tags: Blood,death,and destruction, GHOST RECON, fighting, killing, guns

RaraYoshi - The Garden's Hidden World

You stumble onto a hidden world found in the schools garden

Tags: garden, battles, portal, clubs, school

Kage Setsuna Private 9 5
End of an Eternal Age

The age of gods is coming to an end, what role will you play in the new era?

Tags: Serious RP, Medieval, Magic, Gods, Deities

oicha Private 27 3
N-Parent/Bad Parent Support

A guild for those who need support in dealing with terrible parents and need a shoulder to stand on.

Tags: support, Bad Parents, abuse, emotional support

Doechi Public 5 4
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