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Discuss the Supernatural TV series with other enthusiasts!

Tags: angels, sammy, dean, winchester, demons

Grizzi Public 1,286 6
Carry On, Supernatural

A supernatural guild for both the crazy and sane fans. ;D

Tags: supernatural, winchester, sammy, dean, castiel

Holy Treasurer Private 2,621 107
RPer's Nirvana

A place for literate and adv. literate RPers to do what they love, no questions asked

Tags: RolePlaying, Literate, Polls

Dire Pious Flea Private 550 12

No One's Perfect, So Maybe We're Just As Much Bad As We Are Good...

Tags: Academy, Romance, Action, Drama, Story

SkylerE07 Public 31 9
Yokai Academy Tokyo

This guild is for monsters who want to coexist with the humans.

Tags: Monsters, Humans, Yokai Academy, Rosario+Vampire

iix-Hug me Public 40 5
Supernatural...Scary Just Got Sexy


Tags: Dean, Ruby, Bobby, Sammy

X_James_Valentine_X Public 14 5
The Guild for all around

My guild would normally be about anything you could think of like gaming,art,contest,you know all that sexy stuff so I hope you enjoy.

Tags: Contest, Arts, Charity, Epicness, Funny

X-SecretlyAmused Public 12 2
Dark Stone: Academy for the Gifted

a dark school rp

Tags: Anime, Roleplay, Death, Bleach, Shinigami

Lady Amya Public 276 9
Radiant Garden High

a opposite world where there are no fights and powers just normal high school drama

Tags: kingdom hearts, final fantasy, the world ends with you

Your S3npai Private 206 46
Grimoire Academy [Semi Lit-Lit Fantasy RP] [UC/A]

I'll have a summary here once construction is done

Tags: school, anime, fantasy, mystery, manga

Yuetchi Farandole Private 96 2
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