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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Galactic Federation of Free Worlds {Under Updates} Professor Tahiri Public 3,744 56
Gaia's kaleido stage: Behind the scenes. ladyumbra Public 938 24
You're So Shameless ♫

An Entertainment RP Guild ♪

Tags: Entertainer, Designer, Roleplay, School, Real Life

MermaidSupreme Private 2,962 203
Isle of Moore

On an island surrounded by what seem to be "mirrors", five competitive regions lay. [[RP: Semi-Lit to Lit.]]

Tags: isle of moore, fantasy, life, magic, regions

ghub Public 1,036 36
Psytrance Guild

A guild for fans/producers/dj's/aficionados of Psytrance Goa trance, Israeli trance and all their many deriviatives and sub genres.

Tags: Psytrance, Trance, Dark, Psychedelic, Israeli

HxDeci Public 67 11
The Gamers Promised Land, Gaia's Best Gaming and Pop Culture

Gaia's best guild for discussions and contests about Video Games, Pop Culture, general geek stuff, and any kind of discussion!

Tags: Video Games, Pop culture, chatting, Internet, tournaments

nitnit Private 60,587 2,029
Cultural Gathering

Enthusiasts of anything from popular culture to mythology can unite with other users here!

Tags: anime, books, roleplay, video games, culture

Mercury Seas Private 95 17
Every Day Is Halloween

No elitists allowed. If you appreciate goth culture (anything from tradgoth to nu-goth) you are welcome here as long as you are respectful.

Tags: Goth, gothic, Halloween, babybats, non-elitists

Jinx Noir Private 126 1
The world of Athan

A world beyond, filled with strife and adventure. What lies within the pages of this story?

Tags: fantasy, science fiction, elven, steam punk, darkness

Immortal Thorn Private 147 5

We feed you all the information about U-KISS.


MAGGIE_CHI Public 208 71
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