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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Counter-Culture Evangelicals

Tags: Christian, Debate, Conserative, Gospel, Unshamed

Monergism Public 164 5
Fuyu Academy

Highschool for the Magically Inclined. [RP]

Tags: roleplay, academy, school, magical, fuyu

Fuyu Muley Private 49,669 507
Utopia: Safety among the Stars

Utopia is the Safest ship in the Galaxy...

Tags: Science Fiction, Utopia, SciFi, RolePlay

VVulf Public 982 20
Star Wars: Return Of The Sith Empire

A Star Wars RP with player driven plot and story line. Open and accepting applications. In need of Jedi, Sith, and Soldiers for all forces!

Tags: Star Wars, Sith, Jedi, Academy, Sci-Fi

Arisen prism Private 1,447 15
New Game: Age of Wushu Online (Team RECON)

(guild in progress)

Tags: MMORPG, Open PVP, Team, Kung Fu

Aye Banyez Public 2 7
Turk-ish Delights Makiros Private 81 6
Lithuanians Guild (Lietuva)

gildija vienijanti Lietuvius Gajoje (spauskit mygtuką "JOIN Guild")

Tags: Lietuva, Lithuania, Vilnius, Europa, marijos žemė

FankasAdomas Private 13,458 368
.:-Perficientes Vastatores: Omnes Mortui-:.

The world is new, humans now exist. Demon's roam the Earth, yet to be sealed away. It is the beginning of our world.

Tags: Death, Grim, Future, City, Writer

Necron 420 Public 685 10
Souls Timeless Blood

a Roleplay based on a fantasy world revolving around mythology

Tags: Fantasy, Mythology, Academy, World, Creative

BD Veloco Public 1,148 8
Crimson Tears - A mutant RP Remake

This is a remake of my older guild.

Tags: Crimson Tears, Roleplaying, Guild

Bamahut Public 97 8
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