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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
ASAP: A Sexy Avatar Party

Avatars and items mostly revolving around increasing the sex appeal of our pixels

Tags: Avatars, Sex appeal, items, sexy, looking good

Ravagraid Public 1,259 101
Cosplay Party

This guild is all about cosplaying and helping people with their costumes

Tags: Cosplay, makeup, crafts, sewing, textiles

Xylerz Public 9 12
World Wrestling Federation

WWF - Role Play. Trying our best to entertain ourselves.

Tags: Role-Playing, Cosplaying, Attitude Era, World Wrestling

Vince K Mcmahon Private 313 20
World Wrestling Organization: (The Revolution Era) HD™ ©

Forum, Wrestling, WWE, TNA, ROH, RP

Tags: Wrestling, Cosplay, Forum, Champion, Respect

Obey_Splash Private 1,504 46
League of Legends: Chronicles

A LoL Lore based RP Guild

Tags: Noxus, Role Play, Champions, Demacia

Harbinger of Fear Public 157 18
Pirates Cove ~ FNAF FaN cLuB

Five Nights At Freddys

Tags: game, Indie horror, roleplay, cosplay

IIx_FNAF_Chica_xII Public 26 16
danganronpa the guild of murder mysteries

just a fan for danganronpa game series

Tags: danganronpa, games, mysteries, murder, pink blood

Pantsu Dollie Public 5 7
Anime Legion

For all of your anime needs

Tags: anime, manga, original art, fan art, cosplay

krammer01 Public 7 27

Tags: Roleplay, Ninjas, Ninja, Cosplay

FNaF Public 3 2

Just talk about all the new awesome items coming out, we may have some contests and cosplay events just for the hell of it

Tags: pokemon, cosplay, artcontests, anime, captaincrunch

His Dweeb Public 7 16
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