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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Halo: Forgotten Constructs

Deeply Under Construction: Drop Orders Cancelled. All ODSTs Return to shipboard stations.

Tags: ODST, Halo, Army, Marines, Navy

_Manpish_ Private 1,830 16
Galactic Federation of Free Worlds {Under Updates} Professor Tahiri Public 3,744 56
Bleach: Fade to Black

What will you do when your friend dies?

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Espada, Shinigami, Sickness

Yuki Fujioka Public 15,518 12
pirates of freedom

sail the seven seas

Tags: pirates, gold, ships, freedom

draknic Public 175 6
.hack//The World

dot.hack//G.U. RP Guild

Tags: .hack, The World, Role Playing

Sanguine Mistress Public 111 3
Resident Evil: The End of Humanity

This RP guild is a combination of the video games and the movies.

Tags: Zombies, Resident Evil

KellarRedfield Public 306 23

If you are in ROTC JROTC or want to be in them, then join this Guild

Tags: ROTC, JROTC, Army, Navy, Marine Corps

oOUntraceable Public 323 1
Kaiba Corp. The New Dawn

A YuGiOh guild that gives a new twist. Will you turn from the path of a duelist, or take it for all it's worth?

Tags: Yugioh, Roleplaying, Anime, Dueling

Pimptress Ryu Public 50 5
Bridge Network Corp.

Developing the Greatest Fantasy MMO of All-Time

Tags: Development, Role Play, Fantasy

Eneath Public 24 9
The Lantern Corps

All Lantern's Corps. combine

Tags: Lantern Corps, Green, Red Lanterns, Blue, Yellow

Captain Locutus Public 2 1
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