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[Cosplay] Creations & Gatherings

Cosplay Cosplaying Cons Conventions Anime Video Games

Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Conventions, Cons, Cosplaying

TheTaskmaster AASF Public 4,370 1,721
Artist Alley Information

Tags: Convention, Selling, Prints, Crafts, Comics

[Kako] Public 417 99
Cat-Scratch Fever

An Unofficial Nekocon Guild

Tags: Nekocon, Virginia, Anime, Convention

YoukaiTori Private 2,154 95
The War of Consequence (in construction) blood2456 Public 1,906 1
Nan Desu Kan Source Taka Arashi Public 60 39
NDK :)

for NDK lovers

Tags: anime, denver, colorado, nan desu con

sword_and_key Public 180 8
Anime Academia

This Guild is for those who like anime. . otakus, cosplayers, anime toy collectors and anime artists are always welcome here

Tags: discussion, cosplay, conventions, guild, otakus

ks_kaito Public 378 27
Camp Half-Blood (Roleplaying Guild)

This is a guild where we roleplay about Percy Jackson and you can get claimed, and etc.

Tags: percy, jackson, roleplaying, olympians, half-blood

ll Beautiful Rose ll Public 45 6
pooh klux klan

breaking all walls and jumping out

Tags: conventions, chating, roleplaying, anime, cosplay

Rawrush Public 114 45
Gaia's Cosplayers

For All those who love stepping into the shoes of your favorite Characters

Tags: Cosplay

Axel Sinclair Public 30 22
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