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The Gothic Angels Guild

Tags: goth, music, dark, rock, gothic

CryztalizedTearz Private 71,011 69
The Seireitei (A Bleach Roleplaying Guild)

A literate roleplaying guild based on Bleach by Tite Kubo. Password required to join.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplaying, Literate, Non-Stat Based RP, Semi-Literate

Fighting Fefnir Private 218,888 7
20th Century Geeks

A guild for lovers of vintage (pre year 2000) anime, manga & video games

Tags: anime, manga, video games, vintage, geeks

Avane Anime Public 552 54
Security Awareness Guild

A guild to inform users new and experienced about the ways others may try and take their accounts

Tags: awareness, role play, protection, contests, information

Roy M N Private 3,352 92
Yume Nikki Fan Club

A Guild for Yume Nikki fans to hang-out and have fun!

Tags: Creepy, yume nikki, Indie game, Yume 2kki, .Flow

Captain KyuKyu Public 406 138
Anime Academy (AA)

The perfect guild/academy for those otakus, anime lovers, yaoi/yuri fans, kpop,jpop,vkei music genre, everything you need thats kawaii!

Tags: Otaku, Kpop, Jpop, Vkei, Manga (fanart), Dramas, roleplaying

Mikataru Public 22 21
A Book Affair

A guild for book discussions and creative writing.

Tags: Books, creative writing, manga, comics, role play

I TimeKiller I Public 504 4
Gotham City Safe Haven

Alternate DCU where villains and superheroes must learn to coexist in a new society, and are unwitting test subjects for a sinister purpose.

Tags: Batman, DC Universe, superhero RP, dc comics, roleplay

EmptyxNamine Private 807 8
Dark Moogles United

Your one stop shop for Movies, Books, Games, and more.

Tags: Movies, Games, Books, Entertainment, Zil Leonti - SIKH

Zil Leonti SIKH Public 71 1
All Us

The guild of many objectives. Meet friends, earn gold & prizes, compete, take quizzes, talk about your favorite things and much more.

Tags: Gold, quiz, books, anime, writing

Rei_Ogura Public 19 7
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