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Gaian Super Villain Guild

Search and Destroy! Super Villains UNITE!

Tags: Super Villain, Evil, Comic Books, Bad Guys, Marvel

OZ -BS13- Public 10,940 58
The Hive*

Aliens, sci-fi, military, Alien vs Predator, xenomorph, roleplaying

Tags: xenomorph, Aliens, Predators, Alien Vs Predator, Military

Ellen Ripley Private 2,204 22
O F F Balance - Dojo & Tournament Roleplay!

Warriors clash in this temple roleplay, seeking prestige and gold!

Tags: fight, battle, warrior, combat, tournament

Slash Zinrai Public 285 51
Heroes of Future and Past

This guild is for Roleplaying and disscussing anything about Marvel and DC anything from comics to games to movies etc.

Tags: marvel, DC, role play

Kyon Yuki Private 54 11
Furry Fury Unlawful Tempest Private 6,165 20
Grace, Rise of the Supers

D20 based role playing game

Tags: Super, powers, heros, villans, dice20

Dark Bunny Lord Public 11,243 71
Master Ron Fate

Just for me, not you.

Tags: Role Play, Marvel, DC comics, Comic, Fantasy

Master Ron Fate Public 115 4
The DC/Marvel Universe

This is a guild for all those who love Marvel and/or DC comics, movies, games etc. here you can RP, Chat, even create your own hero

Tags: comics, marvel, super heroes, DC Comics, avengers

The_Dark Kn1ght Public 9,016 201

this guild is to keep my RP based comic ideas organized

Tags: Comic, Discussion, Starlight High, SNITF, TimberWolf City

Fang Massacre Private 352 24
Geeks And Nerds

Videogames, yugioh,anime,manga,magic,my little pony, etc, aka all things geeky an nerdy!

Tags: Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, Comics, Videogames

mewliz Public 16 6
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