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Gaian Super Villain Guild

Search and Destroy! Super Villains UNITE!

Tags: Super Villain, Evil, Comic Books, Bad Guys, Marvel

OZ -BS13- Public 10,940 58
The R.C.P.F.C. Club Guild

We're a nice little fun group that opened up on the net to discuss different/random interests while meeting others! Come share your wonders!

Tags: rcpfc club, random, people, panda, CloudstarVII

CloudstarVII Public 4,357 81
DC: Heroes Rising Open!!!

New Heroes and Villains collide.

Tags: DC Comics, Heroes, Villians, Super powers, Sci-fi-Fantasy

Skylark_Watcher13 Private 10,041 41
Pearl Valley Schools

This is Pearl Valley, Drama, Action, Romance (If you don't get caught!)

Tags: Role-Playing, Drama, Romance, Action, School

xXKiannaikXx Private 2,634 35
Master Ron Fate

Just for me, not you.

Tags: Role Play, Marvel, DC comics, Comic, Fantasy

Master Ron Fate Public 115 4
The Land of Ron's Role Play Information

Me and Me only

Master Ron Fate Private 145 2
The City With Many Faces

Tags: fantasy, anime, romance, fighting

Alliecat298 Public 2,935 37
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Guild

A guild of Sonic the Hedgehog series both Sega and Archie versions

Tags: Sonic, Sega, Archie, Roleplay, Chat

xsallyxacornxx Public 4,968 18
S.H.I.E.L.D. Institute of Education: Marvel Comics School RP

A school for the "naturally" gifted. (Based on the Marvel Comics)

Tags: Marvel, Comics, Superheroes, School, Roleplay

Crook-Kidd Public 286 5
Teen Titans: A New Era

New era of Titans and Villains

Tags: Teen Titans, Hero, Villain, DC Comics, Enjoyable

SinisterWolfSong Public 18 12
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