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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Wings Of Freedom Wolf Warriors

This Guild is about helping others, and having fun and hanging out, and there will be events, meetings as well.

Tags: Wings Of Freedom, Wolf Warriors

Hikari-Chan x3 Private 5 12
The 41st Armored Warrior Division

This guild is here to find players that are interested in joining a clan on World of Tanks

Tags: World of Tanks, War game, 41AWD, Strategy, Competitive

fly u s army Public 5 8
Isle of the Kojimata

Tags: kojimata, cats

Hua-yang Private 2 2
Warrior Ancestors - Lion, Tiger, Leopard

A guild that takes us back to the time of the ancient cats of Lion, Tiger and Leopard.

Tags: warriors, role play, lion, tiger, leopard

BarnOwl6-5 Public 454 29

The guild for the B/C Shop Namiah.

Tags: Namir, Breedable, Role Play, Shop, Cats

Naja Namir Public 626 25
The Nekos

It's a place where people have fun and make new friends. :)

Tags: Nekos, Cats, Furries, Feline, Claws

VioletStar16 Public 17 7
WC » Secrets of the Stars

a role playing warrior cats community.

Tags: warrior cats, fan-fiction, meta-plots

Star Council Public 31 7
Cat's Private Place

For all my things

iCatastrophee Private 3 1
An Imaginary Universe

A roleplaying guild, where the limits are imaginary

General Kcuf Ffo Private 3 3
A New Dawn ---- Underconstruction

Warriors, Cats, Roleplay

Tags: Warruirs, Cats, Erin Hunter, Roleplay

Nibbs-chan Public 35 6
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