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Paw Legion

ANIMALS TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (furries or nekos are not considered animals, only animal bases, ACTUAL animal supporters are fine.)

Tags: Animal base, Animals, Cute, Cats, Wolf

Rookis12pro Public 125 64
~ Crowe's Gift

~ A normal summer, soon to become anything but....

Tags: Modern, Fantasy, Psionic, Original, Powers

Fickle Chance Private 18 4
~Secret's Untold~

This is a roleplay guild for any kind of roleplay!

Tags: secrets untold, slave roleplay, romance roleplay, fighting roleplay

sam-panda32412 Public 86 14


Tags: small animals, animals, tiny animals, cats, dogs

SMALL ARMY Private 46 23
Lucky,Milk,Pepper,Angel and Unlucky The Cat Guild

You must own a Lucky, Milk,Pepper,Angel or Unlucky The Cat to Join.

Tags: Lucky The Cat, Milk The Cat, Pepper The Cat, Unlucky The Cat, Angel The Cat

ValHallaGirl Private 1,498 123
Warrior Cats of the Stars

The clans have a new destiny! New clans are coming, and every cat can choose their own destiny!

Tags: warriors, clans, role playing, erin hunter, cats

Westice Private 7,035 37
Warriors; A New Beginning

The three clans; SunClan, StormClan and NightClan have been living in peace for many seasons now until trouble begins to stir.

Tags: Warriors, Warrior cats, Clans, Roleplay

Frostfoot Public 1,077 14
Satan Cat Organization (SCO)

Welp, we have fun. there is an item that isnt required..but loved to have, and we just well....screw around and have fun :3

Tags: Satan, PinkCat, Organization

Evil Gypsy Woman Public 80 15
New York's Fairytale (O&A)

Fairy Tale characters are out and about in one of the most largest cities in the world

Tags: Fairy Tale, Fantasy, New York, Story, Modern

Just Rosa Private 1,709 24
the guild for cats some random cat Public 4 1
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