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[GO MARKEX] Gaia Online Market Exchange

Marketplace trend updates, news, exchanging, vending, and item exchange information from the official Gaia Online Market Exchange.

Tags: market place, exchange, vending, trading, commerce

LabTech122 Public 1,178 936
The B.G.A: Booty Grab Addicts

The BGA is for all of us booty grab addicts

Tags: Booty, Grab, Addicts

Torment_Desires Private 17,355 664
we are FAIRY TAIL!!!!

ist baced on the anime fairy tail ist soo fun heres what you can be ice maker, dragon slayer, knight,key holder its soo fun just look at it

Tags: anime roleplay, fairy tail, magic, cool guilds, manga roleplay

Reporter Rachael Public 13 13
Fighting Inflations

Trying to Fight These Inflations

dropthehoes Public 51 63
Oreltho :: The World at the Center of Existence Seiryn Arcess Rynthryx Private 1,930 36
x_Bella Luna_xx's Private Random Stuff Guild

No one can join. It is for me and my use only.

Tags: private, minishop, avatar, arts, bellaluna

x_Bella Luna_xx Private 252 2
.:: Streetlights ::.

RP your Streetlights.

Tags: streetlights, adoptable, gangs, fighting

Saint Sergio Public 39 1
The Tales Of Many The Life One

A Guild With Many Roleplays; One Surly Fit For Any Souls Who Dears Enter

Tags: Demons / Vampires / Wolves, Morbid Fairy Tales, Kingdom, Hell, Death / Love

Little Oracle Public 9 3
Heeyy yay we goin Donate

help me by helping you donate to the poor

Tags: poor, rich, help, gaia, donate

elfloves123 Public 9 6
The Wings Convention SeraphSenpai PetMeoRyo Public 2 23
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