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The City of Gold!!!

we have toast, zombies, killer squirrils, and enough awesomeness for all!

Tags: gold, random, manga, naruto, black butler

today-is-tuesday-too Public 38,146 21,995
OHSHC,Naruto,Hetalia,and Black Butler(anime and vocaloid)

this is my first guild so,it might not be good.this is a guild where you can do anything.

Tags: Black Butler, Naruto, Ouran Host Club, Hetalia, Vocaloid

Sunshine Uchiha13 Public 372 60
+ The Phantomhive Manor +

For All Black Butler Fans

Tags: Role Play, Ciel, Phantomhive, Alois, Sebastian

V Tora Bisu V Private 52 15

Black Butler

Tags: Black butler, sebastian, demon, Angels, human

School Tests Public 1,462 35
Noir Mansion

A Black Butler type RolePlay

Tags: black, butler, dark, mansion, roleplay

inuka-sama Public 107 24
Kuroshitsuji FANMADE Roleplay Group

This is a guild for me and Silver's MADE-UP Kuroshitsuji, we're a rp guild.

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Manga, Anime, Roleplay

Cillia-chan Public 29 13
Maids and Slaves

A place for maids and slaves to meet each other

Tags: Slaves, Masters, Maids, Sexy, Butlers

Hidemi Emu Public 3 5
The Demon hunting crew

A roleplaying demon hunting society

Tags: supernatural, Ghost Rider, Devil May Cry, espers, Black Butler

Southern Badass Public 10 6
Shinigami Academy, A Black Butler Roleplay Guild

The Academy for Reapers, otherwise known as Shinigami.

Tags: Black Butler, Reaper, Shinigami, Academy, RolePlay

inuka-sama Public 18 3
The Pretty Ones Cafe~(Guild)

The name is simple really. Only attractive people with high class and status are invited.

The Little Blue Noble Private 2 6
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