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Yes My Lord - kuroshitsuji guild

Like kuroshitsuji? come join other fans like yourself or Alois will get angry

Tags: kuroshitsuji, black butler, sebastian, ciel, grell

kuroshitsuji12 Public 566 251
Kuroshitsuji FANMADE Roleplay Group

This is a guild for me and Silver's MADE-UP Kuroshitsuji, we're a rp guild.

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Manga, Anime, Roleplay

Sukoshi-neko-chan Public 29 14
OHSHC,Naruto,Hetalia,and Black Butler(anime and vocaloid)

this is my first guild so,it might not be good.this is a guild where you can do anything.

Tags: Black Butler, Naruto, Ouran Host Club, Hetalia, Vocaloid

Sunshine Uchiha13 Public 373 60
[OPEN] My master... my servant

a roleplay of Masters and their Servants.

Tags: anime, master, role play, sevant, romance

xXAutumnShiroXx Public 4,094 76
The GentlePeople of Gaia

A guild consisting of the most kind and curteous of gaia.

Tags: Role playing, butler, gentle, Kindness, Anime

LyraHarpStrings Public 3 7
Shinigami Academy, A Black Butler Roleplay Guild

The Academy for Reapers, otherwise known as Shinigami.

Tags: Black Butler, Reaper, Shinigami, Academy, RolePlay

inuka-sama Public 18 3
The Animal Cafe

Be a animal and join our guild, we have certain events that are really fun and will be enjoyable later on when we have memory slide show.

Tags: Animal, Maid/Butler, Social, Roleplay, Dating

S h y K e o Public 15 16
The Pretty Ones Cafe~(Guild)

The name is simple really. Only attractive people with high class and status are invited.

The Little Blue Noble Private 2 6
Cafè le maid

Come join my staff, both male and women are welcome. The more people, the more fun.

Tags: maids, butlers, cafe

Von Herbert Public 4 5
Black Butler Role-play

The world of Black Butler is ready to be explored and to be lived in.

Tags: Black Butler, Roleplay, Ciel, Sebastian

Ciel Phantomhive Noble Public 3 3
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