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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Brotherhood of Steel

Tags: Military, Brotherhood, Tactics, Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel

egyptian_vampiress Private 146,476 28
Retro Active Video Game/Anime Guild

Discussions about video games/anime retro and modern! Come on in!

Tags: Gaming, Video Game, Retro, Modern, Anime

ChelchoArgueta Public 25 14
Symphony of Darkness

Immortals Role-play

Santiago Campos Public 302 10
Inuyasha Role Play

Be in a Inuyasha Role Play or make your own!

Tags: Inuyasha, Role Play, Manga, Anime

Angel_Arianas Public 2,431 13
Favorite Animes

All anime lovers are allowed and can talk about any of them i will name mine below

Tags: Favorite, Anime, Manga, Lovers

hot xlrate Public 11 20
DigiDestined, Return to the Digital World.

Digimon, Hackers, The Hacks

xxx_Mist_of_shadows_xxx Private 653 13
Soriyu Family

A private roleplaying guild for members of the Soriyu family.

Tags: Family, Soriyu, Gaia Family, Literate, House

Rei Soriyu Private 19 5
Lilith's Descendants

A vampire and werewolf roleplay guild. Semi-literate to literate only! :)

Tags: Fantasy, Werewolves, Vampires, Romance, Semi-literate Guild

Xx1Skull_Rainbows1xX Public 54 13

We are one, we fight for those who can't defend themself!

Tags: Heroes

Fishy Zako Public 14 5
Rejects of Gaia

This Gulid is the new clan gaia were Soliders of God and we Reject are haters

Tags: History, Brothers, Christian, Love and Believes, We dont Judge

Rebirth RMS Public 2 4
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