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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Scent on the Breeze

A Warrior RP Guild

Tags: Warriors, Roleplay, Erin Hunter, Cats

Devlyn Maycry Private 2,223 11
nuetrals and darkness


Tags: Anime, past, Adventure, Role Play, Discussion.

krr0009 Public 621 9
Group 935

You thought they were gone. You were wrong.

Tags: zombies, Call of duty two, one one five, gaming

Miso Hornii Public 3 7
[Something They Dumped] || [Rape!]

[STD]: We win, because we do.

Tags: something, they, dumped, rape, lolwut

Unwritten Text Private 39,763 42
Full Moon Rising

A guild werewolf rp

Tags: Werewolves, Hunters, Supernatural, Humans, Long Lasting

The Muse of Vixens Public 412 19
Shastia Reborn

A guild based role play. War is around us join a kingdom join a cause. Can you solve the great mystery?

Tags: War Style, Role Play, Tatical, Secrets, Evil

Angel_Wings_Take_Flight Public 596 17
The Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Roleplaying Guild. Who knows what will happen in this guild? Join to find out and to RP as your favorite SSB character!

Tags: Super Smash Bros, Nintendo, Roleplay, Game, Fighting

Andrea TWD Private 409 10
Demon's Academy

For demon lovers to fantasy.

Tags: demon, Fantasy, school Academy, vampires, Role play

ShadowCatN Private 551 16
Olympus Has Fallen

When the world forget's the gods, the gods will strike back.

Master Icefyre Public 24 3
Bloody Shadows, Act I (An Azura SH. RP guild)

In a peaceful city, two powerful factions go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Tags: combat, powers, adventure, future, survival

Kura_no_okami Private 10 7
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