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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Gourmet Pocky Shoppe

The guild for the TGPS breedables shop.

Tags: Pocky, Boys, Bishies, TGPS, Breedables

The Gourmet Pocky Shoppe Private 2,408 68
Trash Bandits

Tags: trash, bandits, raccoons, pets, breedable

Graceangel Public 2,158 86
Lolli's and Bulls special hideout

Uhm...Pretty self explanatory?

Tags: Breedables, Writings, Lolli, Bull, Roleplay

bullterrierlove Private 458 5
:: Soul Guardians ::

Welcome to the Soul Guardians Guild

Spirit Guardians Private 431 77
Dragon Mountain

A hatchery guild for dragcave.net

Tags: dragons, dragcave, dragon cave, breedable

Kya Akai Kitsune Public 513 45
Kittens' Test Guild

I test things in here and do other random things

Andranis Private 44 1
Somnum Realm

A guild for the Somnum Realm BC.

Tags: Somnum, Realm, Breedables, Fantasy, Dreams

somnum realm Public 513 30
Tagged Guild

Tags: Tagged, Breedables

MadameForest Public 66 5
B/C Junction

We help people get pets in shops

Tags: Breedable/changable, Charity, quests, Helpers

Lady Evelon Public 7 12
The Labs of Elovve

The Lab for the Shop Pokemon Fusion

Tags: Pokemon, World, Roleplay, Breedables, Science

Aesceus Private 384 4
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