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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Social RP Hub

Tags: Fantasy, Sci Fi, Present day, social, random

Dryson Private 19,684 25
Grand Chase: Join the Chase!

For Grand Chase lovers, players, and more :D

Tags: Grand, Chase

X_Kohana Nozomi_X Private 7,419 188
Assassin's Creed 2 (Where everyone can be an assassin)

Unleash your inner assassin! Kill anyone and anything in your path!

Tags: Assassin, Death, Creed, Freedom, Killer

Lord Jeremeo Atlantica Public 658 322
The Dark Entiti Guild

...and where the life around us fall, we shall feast on the souls of the departed. Dark beings of the night, assimilate the world in death.

Tags: Demon, Dark Elf, Dragon, Role Play, Fantasy

Nevermore Ozkavosh Public 934 25
the axe gang.

we are the axe gang we wont let any thing bring us down!

Tags: axe gang, kung fu

MGS3-Major Raikov Public 36 39

Just a simple place to write

Tags: Writing, Friendship, Time, Love, Happiness

Twins-Eternal-Love Public 37 13
Skyrim: Stories and Tales (Roleplay)

Skyrim is in peril. Civil war has started and the dragons are returning. While the Dragonborn helps the nation. How will you live?

Tags: Elder scrolls, dragonborn, roleplay, skyrim, dawnguard

DG The Wanderer Public 494 13
Armageddons Light Online {inspired by SAO}

Tags: Roleplay, Sword, arts, online, game

Kirra Yagami Private 622 2
Assassin's unite!

A assassin's creed type rp

Tags: Assassin's creed, roleplaying, kingdomhearts, heartless, Romance

STARZ member Noel Private 443 12
To The Sky (Accepting//Open//Areas to be Added As Needed)

A fantasy adventure through the skies!

Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Pirate, Airship, Anime

Starchan13 Public 235 11
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