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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
A Sinner's Sentiments - Polls and Wild Nonsense

A small but growing guild. We're close knit, friendly, literate, and we have polls on every topic.

Tags: General Discussion, Literate, Awesome, Friendly, Polls

Sinacious Private 98,053 187
Wicca: Blessed Be

For anyone interested in Wicca, Paganism, or Witchcraft

Tags: Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft, New Age, Community

koudelkaW Private 71,080 1,038
The Ash The Comic Hunter Public 23,381 185
Five Nations; The Next Chapter

Naruto style guild (non cannon)

Tags: ninja, naruto, large scale war, ancient powers, romance

kesuke uchiha Private 23,584 36
Symphonia - The Land of Harmonious Literacy

A Casual, Literate, Role Play Guild full of AWESOMESAUCE!

Tags: Literate, Role Play, Friendly, Awesome, Casual

Call Me Mephisto Private 10,700 4,294,967,291
Bruno Mars awesome guild

Come and voice your favorite Bruno Mars songs

jimmy1295 Public 35 53
The Kingdom of Reaper

A Kingdom For the people

Tags: King, Queen, Funny, boys, Awesome

MCR-KillJoy_Reaper Public 59 13

A guild all about Adventure time!

Tags: Adventure, Time, Awesome, Mathematical, Rhombus

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 16 7
Ebony and Crimson

Used for amazing stories with my best friend :)

Tags: Stories, Fantasy, Awesomeness, Romance, Creative Writing

Anou Okami Bell Private 231 2
The Daily Dose

Tags: Awesome, Dose, Daily

You Wumbo Public 20 3
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