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Guild of Vegans and Vegetarians

Join vegetarians and supporters for discussion on health, cooking, and ethical issues!

Tags: Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Animal, Cooking

VeggieCaptain Private 9,117 1,261
Guild of Awesomeness

This guild is purely for gaians to meet each other, have fun, and do stuff of awesomeness.

Tags: Roleplay, Gold, Anime, Games, Enertainment

PitifulSoulLostInDarkness Public 40,624 831
Manga, Anime, and Other Awesome Stuff!! ☆

A guild for all those manga, anime, and roleplay lovers! We also do randomly awesome contests, events, and uh...stuff!

Tags: Manga, Anime, Roleplay, Contests, Spam

pup720 Public 4,763 365
One Chance Academy [Maintenance coming...Stay Tune]

You have one chance to shine...

Tags: The One, Chance, Academy, Role Play

Mysteriously Awesome Public 7,693 120
The Toastians

If you have a love of toast or simply have toast in your name, this guild is perfect for you!

Tags: Toast, Role Playing, Meet up, Hang out, Have Fun

Toast Crunchez Public 6 10
Wicca: Blessed Be

For anyone interested in Wicca, Paganism, or Witchcraft

Tags: Wicca, Pagan, Witchcraft, New Age, Community

koudelkaW Private 71,087 1,036
Naruto: The World of Bonds

Live life as an Ninja!

Tags: Naruto, Furture, Destory, Awesome, Evil

xxx_Mist_of_shadows_xxx Public 2,052 13
Video Chat Guild

For the awesome people who want to talk, have fun, and be cool on video chat.

Tags: Webcam, chat, social, open, awesome

Xx-DCizMe-xX Public 4 12

Requires little to no description. >>

Tags: Demetri

Neko Shizumi Private 50 1
Guild Of PI- Lets Start a Helpful Evolution!

We are PI Saviors of the GAIANS :)

Tags: guilfofPI, Helpfulrevolution, goldgiveaway, gold, free

Anarchy-the basis of PI Public 14 9
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