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Results for "assasins"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Rise and Fall of Empires (A Literate RP Guild) BSDJoker Private 1,616 19
The Dark Assasin Clan Axel0nFire Public 3,011 103
Assasination Squad

A fun guild just to hang out and talk in. ^^

The-Lone-Angel-95 Public 22 18
Elite Ninja Clans

Only ninjas who are dicipline, active, and skilled.

Tags: ninjas, society, assasins, stealth, naruto

Kid Renegade Public 54 27
G . A . N . G

Gaia Assassins National Guild

Tags: Hidden Blade, Assasin, Snipers, Stelth, Role Playing

Mini me of the Zurg Public 478 24
Y.A.T (Yoko Assain Team)

My Guild is your Guild

Angel Takier Public 137 11
brotherhood of assasins

creating a new world

Tags: darknes, death, fear, power, imortality

XxshinigamiixX Public 14 3
The Assassin's Alliance

We are a group of assasins who target only the stronest warriors throughout gaia.

Tags: assassin, alliance, rebellion, beezy, sieres

h-e-n-r-y-L-beezy Public 4 4
The Heartless Assasins

step into the dakr, if you can that is :(

Tags: dark, silent, suprise, horror, elimanation

BuRninG NobOdy Public 4 4
Assassins Academy

Assassins Creed Based Roleplay.

Tags: Assassins, Academy, Creed, School, Awesome

Verendum Private 61 4
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