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Results for "assasins"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Rise and Fall of Empires (A Literate RP Guild) BSDJoker Private 1,616 19
The Dark Assasin Clan Axel0nFire Public 3,011 103
Assasination Squad

A fun guild just to hang out and talk in. ^^

The-Lone-Angel-95 Public 22 18
The Shadow at Night Society

The guild for a hand pick few able to do the required tasks fit for there class type.

Tags: black student, reapers, role playing, xXzyarXx, awesome

Xyar Private 146 10
Elite Ninja Clans

Only ninjas who are dicipline, active, and skilled.

Tags: ninjas, society, assasins, stealth, naruto

Kid Renegade Public 54 27
G . A . N . G

Gaia Assassins National Guild

Tags: Hidden Blade, Assasin, Snipers, Stelth, Role Playing

Mini me of the Zurg Public 478 24
brotherhood of assasins

creating a new world

Tags: darknes, death, fear, power, imortality

XxshinigamiixX Public 14 3
The Assassin's Alliance

We are a group of assasins who target only the stronest warriors throughout gaia.

Tags: assassin, alliance, rebellion, beezy, sieres

h-e-n-r-y-L-beezy Public 4 4
The Heartless Assasins

step into the dakr, if you can that is :(

Tags: dark, silent, suprise, horror, elimanation

BuRninG NobOdy Public 4 4
Assassins Academy

Assassins Creed Based Roleplay.

Tags: Assassins, Academy, Creed, School, Awesome

Verendum Private 61 4
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