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join in on the war of the century endless war.

lorddragon123 Private 2,608 84
The Official Drakengard Guild Jetzudan Private 12,235 27
City Of Assassins Fans s.a.s.s.y.c.a.k.e.s Private 600 58
The League Of Shadowz

Tags: Ninjas, Assasins, Shadow, Training

The Forgotten God Public 422 11
Years of Rebirth

the renassance these are the years of the bigest leaps in art and science oh and of cours the things behind the scene things happen as well

Tags: action, assasins, thieves, gaurds, temptresses

The-Animal180 Public 439 4
Assassin's Academy

We train and kill people and fight against one another! It's going to be fun!

Tags: Assasin, Academy, Assasin's, School

Daku Ichinose Private 1,609 11
The Killers; Role Playing Guild

A tale about assassins going to highschool, disguises, life, rivalries, and maybe even love. RP here and make friends C: We need members!

Tags: The Killers, Action, Role Playing, High school, Assasins

lovechelseaa Private 815 16
Sicilion Famiglia

The Sicilion Family arise.

Tags: Vongola, Mafia, Reborn, Rings, Guardians

Supreeme Public 31 10
The Ultimate Spy and Assasin Academy

Training school for assasins and spies of all ages.

Tags: Spies, Role-playing, Romance, fighting, assasins

XxSplatter-ShatterxX Public 75 5

We are assasins,we work for the highest pay

Tags: Assasins, League

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