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Results for "assasins"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
[Naruto] ~Rebirth of the shinobi~ Tara Kikuta Public 51,200 28
Ryuzaki Knights _Mishter-D_ Public 809 135
Mamodo Children [Zatch Bell Roleplaying]

Zatch Bell, Roleplay, Power, Semi-Literate

Tags: Active, Recruiting, Ninja, Roleplaying

candy_freak_man Private 96 15
blood lust acadamy

Tags: blood, acadamy, assasin, murderer

Master_of_Creeps Public 902 1
Korrovant [a multi race role play]

A world of possiblities.

Tags: vampire, ninja, pirate, assasin, magic

Foreboding Sneeze Private 392 95

the akautsuki

Tags: ninja, group, clan

PHOENlX Public 143 55
Assassin's Fate

Tis an Assassin's Fate

Tags: Assasin, Fate, love, Kill, gore

Piltover Jayce Public 65 1
assasins shadows

undercover brotherhood of shadows

Tags: brotherhood, shadows, assasins shadows, jokernex

jokernex Public 1 4

a group thats a mafia,assasin, hang out

Lil_Boi_Swager Public 1 1
ninja naruto clan

assasins and killer ninjas senseis

Tags: naruto, ninjas, assasins, killers, senseis

narutouzamaki313 Public 4 4
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