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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
[Naruto] ~Rebirth of the shinobi~ Tara Kikuta Public 51,200 28
Mamodo Children [Zatch Bell Roleplaying]

Zatch Bell, Roleplay, Power, Semi-Literate

Tags: Active, Recruiting, Ninja, Roleplaying

candy_freak_man Private 96 15
The Dark Rose Mercenaries

Mercenaries for hire! Escorts, Delivery, Monster Assassinations, and Crew member hires . Free to join!

Tags: Mercenaries, zOMG, Friends, clan, Role play

Zexion Volma Public 84 33

the akautsuki

Tags: ninja, group, clan

PHOENlX Public 143 55
oni clan (demon clan)

this is the almighty oni clan, feared in whole japan and its getting to gaia now. A demon is waiting to get sealed in you!

Tags: japan, clan, demon, ninja, samurai

Matsuo_Akira Public 568 20
[U.L.O.T.S] United League Of The Sabers

Tags: League, Tactics, Assasinations, RaNdOm Stuff :3

Juggernaut WarSaber Public 361 12

the corporation,is well an special organization of assasins and killers who keep zomg under control,no loose ends.

Tags: fighting, animated, destiny, protecting, gaians

1blackmushroom Public 14 9

Our past is distorted as we were reborn.

Tags: Wolves, Assasins, foxes, Warriors, Killers

Envy Alseif Public 14 46
Tobuscus Fans.,

Fans Of Tobuscus

Tags: Gaming, Tobuscus, Toby, His dog

WasAmYourBabyGurl Public 1 6
The Assassins HQ Tribe

We are a an elite fighting group.

Tags: Assasins, Clan, Blood, Stealth, Warriors

The Dragon Rider Eragon Public 1 2
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