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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Hyper Assasins Xenos Sama Private 55,366 23

An Assasination Association

Tags: assasins, supernatural, weapons, Roleplaying, anonymous

Brimae Public 597 25
Academy of Discipline (Action rp)

A private school rp meant to raise and train the elite.

Tags: School, Semi-lit, Spies, Undercover

Stella_V Private 610 2
5 Kingdoms

A RP between 4 races and a master race called the Immortal. The 4 races Humans, Orcs Werewolfs, and Vampires. All races are at war

Imagination18 Public 303 19
By The Night Angels

A guild shrouded in shadows and secrets. Do you have what it takes to join the elite ranks of the Master Assassins?

Tags: assasin, shadow, order, blade, potential

Zero_2005 Private 153 5
Hollow Blades

fighting,Rogue warriors,ninjas, assasins,fighters,knights

Tags: Roleplaying, Knight's, Assasin's, Ninja's, Killer's

Envy Alseif Public 6 8
TDBOWW-2 (The Dark Black One Winged Wings-2)

TDBOWW,One Winged Wings.

Tags: TDBOWW, Role Play, Games, Story, Fight

Starlyte3 Public 95 7
Mage's Guild

A RP guild based Around Fairy Tail.

Tags: Role Playing, Fairy Tail, Mage, Guilds, Magic

Ryu the little buster Public 255 10
Anbu black-ops

we are anbu yes from naruto the ones whit mask

Tags: anbu, the 3rd squad

Axelfire144 Private 4 3
Guild Assassino


Tags: Assasin's Creed, Cosplaying, Role playing, Templars, Assassins

Saddened Fate Private 39 14
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