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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Retribution of the Forgotten{Under Construction}

A safe place for Bleach themed creativity

Tags: Bleach, Arrancar, Quincy, Shinigami, Gotei

Uber Shoono Private 2,324 8
Welcome to the Brotherhood ((Open! Needs Leaders!))

Live by the Creed or die by the Creed.

Tags: Assassins Creed, Brotherhood

Cinniuint Scath Public 60 2
Shirogane's Feudal Yaoi Roleplay

This guild is a semi-literate to literate roleplay that focuses on BL (Boy love) in the Fuedal Era in Japan.

Tags: feudal, yaoi, roleplay, Boyxboy, doujinshi

Kamiwagane-San Public 42 12
The dagger wars

will you rise to the seat of a ruler? or become the lord of a underground?

Tags: action, romance, drama, tragedy

Adonfang Private 34 6
Wildly Soul Bound

Giranioa is at war with itself, join either the rebels or the Scientists

Tags: Animal, Spirit, Roleplaying, Soulbound, Wild

rogue blood angel Private 19 2
Guild Assassino


Tags: Assasin's Creed, Cosplaying, Role playing, Templars, Assassins

Saddened Fate Private 39 14
Oi theristés tis Gaías

The Reapers of Gaia

Tags: Reapers, Death, Unholy, Demonic, Assasins

SumDumBitch Public 7 13
-Us Against Them-

First everyone started dropping like flies now it's our turn to save humanity

Tags: Zombie, Assasin, High School

Emiiko Chan Public 6 4

assasins killing and recreating

Tags: assasin, training, no mercy

nightwalke Public 2 3

Imagi-NATION is an Anime/Manga guild built with the imagination of Gaians.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Imagination, Role Playing

Unknown le Chiwawa Public 15 5
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