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Results for "assasins"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
RPer's of Light and Darkness Chrono DeAngelo Sonata Public 382 6
Halo RP Guild. You Decide the Fate of Earth... ~~D~~J~~ Public 401 32
The Elite Shinobi Assassins.~RECRUITING~ dark_vampire_demon Public 1,243 15
Bleach Kingdom Hearts And Naruto Guild DarkRiku9 Private 476 46
Assasin: Killers for the Highest Biders. LegatoMeroe Public 7 1
Red Assasin's spec24 Public 0 1
the imp of MOSKAU DANCE!!!!lol kidding X3 saphire-cyriaque Public 55 11
Dark R.I.G. Focused Walnut Public 0 1
assasins of the light

kill killl and love

Tags: cool people, cool stuff, awesome guild, no nerds, chatterbox

deathfox45 Public 4 8
The Ninja/Panda Guild

This is an RPG guild, were you will do missions and higher up in the guild you get the more respect you get.

Tags: ninja, panda, pandas, crazy, ninjas

ninja157 Private 21 21
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